And Lobster Roll Season Begins!

Watermans treats.jpg
Photos by David Lyon

Father's Day weekend marks the opening of our favorite Maine lobster shack, Waterman's Beach Lobster, in South Thomaston. Truthfully, we're as fond of the blueberry pie as the luscious lobster rolls served on big round buns (see above). Alas, Waterman's didn't make it into Sally Lerman's new book, Lobster Rolls of New England (The History Press, $16.99).

Lobster rolls book.jpg

But Lerman has discovered 40 spots all up and down the New England coast that meet her standards of fresh-picked lobster meat with a slight touch of mayo scooped into a bakery-fresh bun. We plan to keep her book in our glove compartment this summer for easy reference when we get hungry traveling within sniffing distance of salt water. We might even try Lerman's suggestion of dipping each bite of a lobster roll into a cup of melted butter.

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