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No blank ballots here: Pedro, Nomar and Clemens is quite a Sox Hall of Fame trio

Posted by Chad Finn, Globe Staff  February 5, 2014 10:55 AM

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1. Well, that's one savvy trick by the Red Sox to get us thinking about baseball on a snowy day -- announce a four-person franchise Hall of Fame class so interesting that the great Nomar Garciaparra, who for a time was as beloved as any Boston player in generations, is pretty much an afterthought. I mean, the incomparable Pedro Martinez and favorite-son-turned-pariah Roger Clemens -- two pretty decent righthanded pitchers, if I recall correctly -- inducted at the same time? It could get awkward if any highlights from this game show up on the big screen during the on-field ceremony.

2. It is an incredible class, almost to the point that you wish they had broken it up a little. I'm not sure I like Pedro, a Hall of Fame class unto himself, having to share the spotlight with Clemens, though it's pretty delicious that Clemens will clearly be the distant No. 2 starter in the hearts and minds of Red Sox fans when time to pay homage comes. It's too bad this is happening before the Cooperstown class of '15 is announced, because that would be another trump card in Pedro's favor over Clemens. I think I'd prefer it if Pedro and Nomar, who carried some likeable late '90s clubs in tandem, were enshrined together, with Clemens and his delusions having to wait a little longer. But hey, we're talking about the Red Sox Hall of Fame here in February -- and don't forget Joe Castiglione's induction, too -- so apparently they've done something right.

sizemoregradyfinn15.JPG3. Love the Red Sox' signing of Grady Sizemore, and not just because I've convinced myself he'll give them more than Rocco Baldelli did in 2009. They're in a position in which they can make a low-risk, high-reward deal or two without depending on it to work out. That was always Dan Duquette's fundamental failing -- he signed proven stars coming off significant injury for prominent roles. It is jarring how quickly Sizemore's career was derailed by injury. He missed just nine games total from 2005-08. That's nine more games than he's played the past two seasons.

4. Don't understand why the Yankees haven't signed Stephen Drew, whom I'll believe is certain to return to the Red Sox the moment he actually has returned to the Red Sox, and no sooner. Brian Cashman isn't doing his job if he isn't trying to nudge -- hell, shove -- Derek Jeter over to third base.

5. Can't remember where I read that the Red Sox think Will Middlebrooks will ultimately have a Mark Reynolds-type career, but I know that's not the highest compliment. It amazes me how much faith many fans have in him given that he fell into old habits late last season and lost his job in the playoffs.

6. Not a lot of time for NESN to find a new Red Sox in-game reporter before spring training. Just a guess, but I wonder if they might move Jamie Erdahl over from the Bruins, with recently hired Toronto export Sarah Davis taking over as the rink reporter.

7. Given the negative response at this address to the decision to banish Jenny Dell to the studio, it wouldn't be the worst idea to do a 180 and return her to the role, at least in terms of gaining viewership favor. But it would be even better form on the network's part to let her move on if that's what she wants to do.

8. It's hard to imagine Daniel Bard salvaging his career at this point, but signing with the Rangers and getting an opportunity to work with pitching coach extraordinaire Mike Maddux shows he's not ready to give up hope just yet.

9. As for today's Completely Random Baseball Card:


I'm just going to assume he'll be inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame at the same time as Danny Darwin.

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