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Even for a local, qualifying for Boston is special

Posted by Matt Pepin, BostonGlobe.com Staff  March 8, 2013 07:00 AM

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100scroth.jpg Katie Schroth is one of six Boston Marathon entrants testing Polar personal training gear and blogging about it for Boston.com
I started running competitively when I was 13 years old. I hadnít yet dreamed of anything as crazy as a marathon; instead it all started with 1 mile races.

As a freshman in high school, I joined the cross country team and track team. Initially I hated running (sort of). I went from running low weekly mileage to 35-40 miles a week, and as you can imagine that can be a shock to the system. To me, running more than three miles at a time was just silly. I also had a really intense coach. He was amazing, but also overwhelmingly excited about all things running. By my second year, I was completely and utterly hooked.

I've never been particularly talented in the running department. I ran varsity in high school and college, so I was a "good" runner on my team, but when I went to the New England cross country meet in college I generally finished somewhere in the middle. So really, I'm nothing special.

After college I gave up serious racing for a bit. I continued running, but I needed a break from the stress of running hard all the time. Then I got pregnant. Having a baby is awesome, but it also made me feel old and a little decrepit. I suddenly had this desire to start racing again and find a new running challenge.

That challenge has become the marathon. I ran my first marathon 14 months after my daughter was born. I did OK. I finished with a smile, which was cool, but I hadn't properly trained. I had secretly (and unrealistically) hoped that I would somehow qualify for Boston. As soon as I finished, I was planning my next. Qualifying for Boston had suddenly become my big running goal.

Now I'm not one to run several marathons a year. They take a lot out of me both physically and mentally. My second marathon was a full year after my first, and it wound up being a complete disaster. It was just a bad day. Most of us have them. I was slightly sick and injured. Oh yes, and there was a Nor'easter during my race. I wound up running 25 minutes slower than the year before.

And then I got pregnant again. I ran through my pregnancy, but I didn't race. Eight months after the birth of my second daughter, I made my third attempt to run a Boston qualifier. I wound up running 3:40:54. Talk about cutting it close! That was the first year of the Boston rolling registration, though, and my time didn't make the cut.

I made another attempt six months later and ran 3:26, but that marathon was in October and the registration deadline was in September. I've since run two more marathons patiently waiting for the 2013 Boston Marathon. My last attempt was 3:11:54. That was a good day.

Boston is alluring to most runners for a variety of reasons. However, besides being a runner, I also happen to live in the Boston area. I've lived 30-45 minutes from Boston my whole life. My parents were both born and raised in Boston. My grandfather was a Boston police officer. We often take the kids to Boston on weekends.

Being able to take part in 2013 Boston Marathon is more special than I can put into words. And Iím honored to share my journey.

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