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Et Tu, Drew? Bledsoe Chimes in on Tom Brady's Run, Too

FOXBOROUGH -- Even old friend Drew Bledsoe got in on the fun of ribbing Tom Brady for his wheels on the 17-yard third down scamper against the Dolphins Sunday.

"It did seem like it took a long time for him to make that 17 yards," special guest Bledsoe joked after the Patriots trumped the Dolphins at Gillette Stadium Sunday. "No, it was cool. It was a big play for him, and a big play for the team at the right time."

Bledsoe, the former Pats QB who threw for 29,657 yards and 166 touchdowns in his nine years in New England spoke about this year's explosive Patriots offense.

“It’s a great offense," Bledsoe said. "These guys have been doing it for so long and they continue to make great adjustments at halftime and they came out and just ran off a bunch of unanswered points at halftime, so it’s a phenomenally well-coached team and I think you’ll continue to see them having success.”

Bledsoe was asked if he was surprised to see the Patriots offense struggle in the first half and then thrive in the second half.

“Not really, that’s kind of been the M.O. around here for a long time," he said. "These guys have been fantastic at second-half adjustments forever and ever and they just continued to do that. It was a pain in the [behind] to play against these defenses because they would almost lull you to sleep early in games and then they would figure it out how you wanted to attack them and then the next thing you know their defense was in the middle of your pass rush which was frustrating.”

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