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Gordon Edes chat wrap -- July 29, 2005

Gordon_Edes:Hey everybody ... after a nice quiet respite in Tampa, let's roll ...
johnnydoyle:Q: Gordon, in light of last year's big trade leading to the first Series win for the Sox in 86 years, what do you think the mood of fans will be if the Sox don't pull off a big one this year?
Gordon_Edes:JD, I think Sox fans are sophisticated enough to recognize that there's not a whole heck of a lot out there on the market ...
Gordon_Edes:They should also realize that even if Theo doesn't pull off something big by Sunday -- and remember, he's been saying all along he thought it unlikely he'd be making a big deal -- there's still the waiver period in August ...
Gordon_Edes:... when players from teams not in contention will become available, like a Billy Wagner, for example.
AJG:Q: Will Matt Clement's injury impact what the Sox do before the deadline, or do they expect him to fully recover?
Gordon_Edes:I think the expectations he will indeed recover. The unanswered question, of course, is how Clement will respond mentally when he goes back out on the mound.
Gordon_Edes:It would be perfectly understandable for him to have some fears. How he deals with those fears will go a long way in determining how well he pitches in the second half.
broy:Q: Gordon: are the Sox looking at Eddie Guardado at all? He seems the most logical at this point
Gordon_Edes:All indications from Seattle to date are that the Mariners either don't want to part with him or are asking too much for him.
Gordon_Edes:Guardado does make a lot of sense, of course, and he's a great teammate by all accounts. But at this stage anyway it looks like he's staying put.
BobbyStags:Q: Last night on Baseball Tonight, Harold Reynolds stated he belived in a "Conspiracy Theory." Are Sox execs making a big deal out of Manny wanting a trade so they can shed his contract without much backlash from Red Sox Nation?
Gordon_Edes:Clearly, Theo has demonstrated that he doesn't lose much sleep over fan backlash. He dared to move Nomar and don't forget two years ago he put Manny on waivers, which means he was willing to dump him for nothing, and last winter talked to the Mets about a trade for Manny.
Gordon_Edes:So save the conspiracy theories for the grassy knoll.
Fisk27_in_Fairfield:Q: Hey, Gordon - thanks for taking my question. Ok, here we go - Manny. The Manny-capades are an annual event - what makes the latest any different?
Gordon_Edes:Many of us have been inclined to overlook Manny's quirks and "special needs" because of his fabulous production. What made this different, in my view, was the fact that Francona came to him, said the team needed him -- in the aftermath of Nixon's injury -- and Manny still insisted on taking the day off.
Gordon_Edes:Yes, it is true that Manny plays in as many games, if not more, than most of his teammates, but this was an act of selfishness that basically sent the message that the team's concerns were very secondary to his own.
Gordon_Edes:For the record, Manny to date has appeared in 95 games, which is as many as Johnny Damon and only four games fewer than David Ortiz, who DH's.
MannyKnowsBest:Q: Why wont the sox call up Roberto Petagine?? He CANNOT be any worse than Olerud or Millar. He's earned a callup
Gordon_Edes:Good question.
Gordon_Edes:Petagine is leading the IL in hitting, and with Trot going down, you would think the Sox would at least consider calling up Petagine as another left-handed bat ...
Gordon_Edes:Francona wasn't terribly impressed with him during the spring, but Petagine was hurt at the time. I know there is some sentiment in the organization for giving him a shot, but as of this moment, there are no indications that the Sx are going in that direction.
broy:Q: Gordon.. what's the possibility of Matt Lawton and Mark Redman from the Pirates coming here?
Gordon_Edes:Marginal ... it appears that if Redman is going anywhere, it's to the Marlins. Lawton makes sense, of course, for the Sox, but I'm not sure that the Sox like him that much.
Gordon_Edes:The Sox aren't wild about the fact that Lawton is making $7.75 million this year.
Batter91:Q: Isn't it time to admit that the Schilling experiment is not a success?
Gordon_Edes:Not at all ... I'm puzzled by why you say that. Schilling's velocity at Tampa Bay this week got up to 93 and 94 mph. Yes, he's having issues driving off the mound, the ankle isn't strong, but that's clearly evidence he can't start yet.
Gordon_Edes:To me, the fact that he pitched three times in four games and had the kind of life he had on his fastball is a very encouraging indication that he can fill the closer's role.
giants56:Q: Is the Burnett trade officially DOA?
Gordon_Edes:No, it's not. Remember, there were people saying that the Nomar deal was 90 percent dead 24 hours before it happened.
Gordon_Edes:There are growing indications that the Marlins have decided to keep him, but things have a funny way of changing at the last moment. I know the sides are still talking.
Gordon_Edes:Hold on just a minute folks, I'll be right back ...
Joe:Q: What do you think is the most pressing need for the Sox right now?
Gordon_Edes:I think the most realistic need they can address is supplementing the bullpen.
Gordon_Edes:They HAVE to get another reliever, and they will.
Gordon_Edes:Kapler did a terriffic job last year when Trot was hurt, and the hope remains that Schilling will rejoin the rotation at some point, but they've got to help the 'pen.
patsfan12:Q: Hi Gordon - what are the chances of Boston picking up a solid RF to replace Nixon while he's on the DL? And if so ... who?
Gordon_Edes:Again, it's not something the Sox would want to invest a great deal in because you're talking about a short-term need.
Gordon_Edes:There are a few possiblities out there -- Arizona designated Jose Cruz, Jr., Aubrey Huff has a great Fenway Park swing, and a guy like Matt Lawton, of course, would be a fit.
Gordon_Edes:But Theo is truly committed to not having to part with his premium prospects, and right now clubs are trying to hold up the Sox because of the injury to Trot.
RI_Sox_Fan:Q: Can the Sox get into the Adam Dunn sweepstakes? If so what would it take and would it be worth it?
Gordon_Edes:Dan O'Brien, the GM of the Reds, is amused by all this Dunn speculation. He has said it dozens of times that he's not going to trade him. So I guess we have to take him at his word.
Gordon_Edes:E-mail me next week if Dunn winds up in another uniform.
jcflem:Q: Who, if anyone from the Farm system with have the greatest impact on the team by the end of the year?
Gordon_Edes:I think you have to consider two pitchers -- Manny Delcarmen, who already was called up this week and weas very impressive in his first outing ...
Gordon_Edes:... and Jon Papelbon, who could help the Sox either in the 'pen or the rotation before all is said and done.
Bryan:Q: Do the Sox really have what it takes to land a big name like a Billy Wagner?
Gordon_Edes:The rumor out there was that the Sox contemplated a scenario in which they got Burnett and flipped him to Philly for Wagner. But one Philly scout who was in Chicago last week insisted they weren't going to move him.
Gordon_Edes:With the Phillies still very much in the hunt, unless they could get a big-time impact player in exchange, I can't see them moving him even though they have Urbina in the 'pen to replace him. Would you try winning the pennany with Ugueth as your closer?
JP:Q: Will Mark Belhorn have a starting job when/if he comes back this year?
Gordon_Edes:That's a very good question. Typically, managers steer away from situations where guys lose their jobs because they're hurt. But obviously Cora and Graffanino give Francona some very inviting alternatives.
Gordon_Edes:My guess is that Bellhorn will return to the starting lineup, but he'll be n a very short leash.
cjdavis:Q: Do you think there is ANY chance Manny could be traded before the deadline??
Gordon_Edes:I suppose you can't rule it out, especially given that the Mets were a team that showed interest in Manny last winter and could possibly put together a package (Cliff Floyd, Mike Cameron, prospects) that could interest the Sox. But no, I don't see it. I think it's very debatable that the Red Sox really have any desire to move Ramirez at this time.
Gordon_Edes:Not when he's having potentially an MVP-like season.
Gordon_Edes:Although he may have cost himself a few votes by refusing to play Wednesday.
Hub:Q: Why would Theo consider trading Mueller for J C Romero over Kevin Millar?
Gordon_Edes:Because the Twins have less interest in Millar than they have with Mueller. Mueller is the guy they'd take in the deal, they need a third baseman.
drew:Q: Hey Gordon! It was good talking to you for a few moments in the airport in chicago, i had more questions to ask. My question now is how soon can we expect Craig Hansen to be a factor for the sox
drew:Q: Hey Gordon! It was good talking to you for a few moments in the airport in chicago, i had more questions to ask. My question now is how soon can we expect Craig Hansen to be a factor for the sox
Gordon_Edes:It's a real long shot that he would help this year. He's still in Ft. Myers getting himself back in pitching shape.
Gordon_Edes:To expect a kid to be able to leap right into a pennant race with very limited pro exposure is unrealistic.
Gordo:Q: Gordon, why haven't the sox moved Shoppach given that Varitek and Mirabelli are signed long term?
Gordon_Edes:Gordo, with a name like that feel free to write anytime ... Shoppach is clearly available and it would not surprise me if he's part of any deal the Sox make. But a lot of teams question whether he'll ever be more than a backup on the big league level.
jr:Q: Hey Gordon, any legitimacy to the rumor in the Sox picking up Mike Cameron from the Mets?
Gordon_Edes:At this stage it's only a rumor. I'm a big Cameron fan myself, he's terriffic defensively. But the Red Sox are looking for a left-handed bat -- that's the priority.
MANNY:Q: Gordon, I can't stand Francona or Ramirez. How do you think the Patriots coach would handle a situation like this?
Gordon_Edes:He'd ask a couple of his 300-pound lineman to take Manny for a little walk, and when the came back the problem would have amazingly disappeared. Seriously, I don't know. Obviously the Patriots have created a team-first culture that doesn't brook the kind of nonsense that Manny pulled this week.
Gordon_Edes:But on the other hand, if Ramirez was a 2,000-yard running back, maybe Belichick would show some of the same kind of tolerance that Francona does.
Gordon_Edes:Especially if that running back had a guaranteed contract for another three years.
kd:Q: Does the Chacon acquisition mean the Yankees are done dealing before the deadline?
Gordon_Edes:Red Sox fans can only wish. Chacon, Nomo and Leiter aren't the kind of guys that are going to pitch you into October, are they?
Gordon_Edes:The Yanks would still like to get a center fielder and some help for their 'pen. So no, I don't think they're finished by any means.
jj:Q: Gordon, step into Theo's shoes, what trade(s) would you like to make for the Sox?
Gordon_Edes:Step into Theo's shoes? I thought you were going to offer me a Dunkin Donuts ad.
Gordon_Edes:Shoot, if I were Theo, I'd love to get Burnett. I'd have a hard time giving up Billy Mueller. I violated the cardinal rule of GMs, which stipulates that you shouldn't like your own players too much. I've got a blind spot about Mueller. I think he's the kind of guy who doesn't do anything flashy, but if you watch him day after day, you see how many things he does to help a team win.
Gordon_Edes:So I'd be looking for my relief help elsewhere.
SCP22:Q: Gordon, I still feel the biggest need is bullpen help, since Schilling needs to be in the rotation come October. If Billy Wagner's price is too high or is unavailable, have you heard any rumblings about Cleveland's Bob Wickman? Thanks, great job.
Gordon_Edes:No, I haven't heard any rumblings about Wickman, who has done a great job for the Indians this season. As long as the Indians still have hopes on being in the wild card hunt, GM Mark Shapiro isn't going to part with his closer. But that's a name to watch during the waiver period in August if the Indians fall out of it.
Luck_Lindy:Q: The only way I could see a potential deal involving Manny would be another team dumping a bad contract in return and essentiall replacing Manny's production. What about Todd Helton? I know that he is having an off-year, but he is hitting .400 in July.
Gordon_Edes:Nice rotisserie deal, but why would the Rockies want to take on so much more salary when they're not even close to competing.
Gordon_Edes:Thanks everybody, looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend, aren't you?
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