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Gordon Edes chat wrap -- July 26, 2005

Gordon_Edes:hey, away
SoxFan055:Q: Gordon do you see Craig Hansen making the club this year or is it too much of a longshot? And if show will he really have an impact, how good is this kid?
Gordon_Edes:i think it's too much of a longshot....september callup, if at all
not_happy_with_one:Q: Do you think this team currently has what it takes to have another August like thay had in 2004? What do they need to get back to that form?
Gordon_Edes:the burnett deal would obviously help....i'm told it's a low probability, but possible. yiou just can't lose your top of the rotation guy in schilling and your backend guy in Foulke and expect to be as strong as you were a year ago. I don't see the Sox getting on the same kind of roll as a year ago without burnett, but that doesn't mean they won't win the division. yanks, as you know, have their own problems
KP:Q: Any updates with respect to JC Romero?
Gordon_Edes:it's quiet....i think the twins will entertain other offers for romero, but they still need a bat. The Boone experiment has been a bust, and my pal Joe Christensen in Minny reports that the Twins and Rangers have talked about Soriano. I think the Sox are hopeful that the Twins decide Mueller is the best guy they can get at third and make the deal
Tacobellgarces:Q: Manny Delcarmen...what is his role in Boston, whom does he replace? Halama, hopefully
Gordon_Edes:Don't know the answer to either of those questions yet....manny is due to arrive by 2 this afternoon, sox haven't even announced deal officially yet. i think he could be a 7th inning guy...could be halama, could be jeremi gonzalez
paddy17:Q: Is Eddie Guadardo a possibility?
Gordon_Edes:don't think so....m's don't seem to want to part with they'd want a ton
John_J:Q: The White Sox will not sign Burnett without an extension and that requires Selig to open a 72 hour negotiation window after a conditional deal is struck. Am I correct in saying that makes the deadline Thursday at 4:00 PM?
Gordon_Edes:john.....a club could take a chance and not take advantage of the full 72 hours, but yeah, that's about right. There's also the possibility that a team would make the deal withouyt signing burnett to an extension, rent him for a couple of months, depending on nwhat they had to give up. I cant see the White Sox giving up Brendan McCarthy without signing him, and I suspect the Red Sox would want him under contract before parting with arroyo
k_2:Q: is there any chance that the Sox will go after Soriano?
Gordon_Edes:Try this again....Unless Sox reverse field completely, I don't see them getting in on soriano. The focus is pitching
Jackie_Boy:Q: Gordo, Seriously, what are the Sox going to do about Petagine? The man deserves a shot. He has close to an 1.100 OPS!!! Can Olerud be traded?
Gordon_Edes:Jackie...Boy: Ask yourself this: If the Sox thought Petagine could jhelp, wouldn't he be here by now? I think they see him as a 4-A player, outstanding Triple-A hitter, not quite good enough for the big leagues. That's why he went to Japan for years
rit-j:Q: is wagner a real possibility for the sox?
Gordon_Edes:Rit, Again, I can't see it happening, unless the phils lose six straight this week. The Phils are right in it in the NL East, and their best chance to win is with Wagner. The price would be prohibitive: Hanley, Sanchez, prospects
CA_SOX_FAN:Q: There was some buzz about Garces making a comeback...any news on El Guapo?
Gordon_Edes:Yeah, Francona said he's bigger than ever but throwing pretty well. He's down in Fort Myers trying to convince people he's worth another shot. I'm a big Guapo guy. If he can pitch, it'd be fun to have him around
Dave_B_:Q: Gordon are the Redsox serious about trading for Jason Schmidt if the Burnett deal falls through?
Gordon_Edes:Dave, every indication I've gotten from the giants is that they won't move schmidt. as sabean said saturday, if i move schmidt, i want a schmidt back, and I don't think you can find me one
Sam:Q: How serious are the Red Sox going after a young 1st baseman like Texas' Botts or Gonzalez? What about Philly's Ryan Howard?
Gordon_Edes:All of those guys would be mighty attractive, but Sam, I think yoiu're talking off-season deals there. And don't forget young D-Backs outfielder Conor Jackson
Gordon_Edes:Jackson is still in the minors, of course
bilcha:Q: Why the interest in Dmitri Young? Is he really an upgrade to Millar? And what are the chances of the Sox dealing for Young?
Gordon_Edes:Wow, u got me on that one...Never even heard his name linked to the Sox. He's got an $8 million option that vests next season...Can't see the Sox doing that one, not even sure where u heard it
JimR2005:Q: Based on the Sox not wanting to give up any of their top 5 or so prospects, what do you feel the chances are that there will be any big trade before Sunday, and if you think it will happen, who do you think will be the impact player?
Gordon_Edes:you know, i kept being told last year that the nomar deal was low possibility and it happened. the only thing that could happen is burnett, but sox are adamant about not taking lowell
BostonDotCom:Gordon ... sorry to just drop this out of the sky, but ... just overheard this on sports radio WEEI: In the next edition of SI, Tom Verducci reports that Manny Ramirez has again asked to be traded from the Sox. Have you heard anything on this? Does it suprise you?
Gordon_Edes_2:No, I haven.t heard that . but with Manny, nothing would surprise me. He certainly isn.t playing like a guy who is unhappy. Shoot, Wells was telling me last night it.s just one big happy family.
BostonDotCom:let me clarify a bit ... it's unclear whether Manny told the Sox he wanted to be traded or whether he just told Verducci.
jenny5:Q: Do you predict Embree will be traded, and if so, what might that yeild?
Gordon_Edes_2:No, he won't be traded because his contract calls for him to get an extra $1 million if he's traded. There will be a bunch of teams interestred in signing him, including both New York teams. His preference is to go to the West Coast. The Padres and D-Backs are good possiblities, and even the Dodgers could be a fit.
BostonDotCom:That's all for today folks ...
BostonDotCom:Thanks for stopping by
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