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Chat transcript with the Globe's Gordon Edes

July 1

Gordon_Edes:Hello everyone
bringthedoo:Q: What are the possibilities of picking up Danys Baez for Tampa?
Gordon_Edes:Wherever he goes, he'll be expensive. Chuck LaMar is tough to deal with and I'm not sure that the Red Sox think he's good enough to sacrifice the kind of prospects it would take to get the deal done.
newCHOKEcity:Q: are the reds sox going to be able to get Jason schmidt, and move both Arroyo and Miller to the bullpen?
Gordon_Edes:Highly unlikely. Forget about sending Miller to the bullpen, his arm won't allow that to happen. The Miller we're seeing now is a pale imitation of the guy who starred for the Astros. He's succeeding because of his extreme competitiveness and a good breaking ball. But the arm strenghth just isnt there.
Gordon_Edes:Arroyo is the guy I think is almost certain to end up in the pen, and while the Sox did inquire about Schmidt, he's hardly at the top of their list.
newCHOKEcity:Q: how realistic is the idea of Bronson Arroyo being the closer after the all-star break?
Gordon_Edes:Given the way Foulke is going, don't rul out the possibility that we may be going back to the dreaded committee, at least for the short term.
Gordon_Edes:If the Sox feel a change needs to be made, obviously Timlin is the logical candidate to close for the short term, though circumstances could arise where Francona will have to turn to someone else ... namely Arroyo.
Gordon_Edes:Obviously, the Sox aren't ready to take the ball out of Foulke's hands, but something has to change ... and quickly.
murph:Q: did Arod and Jeter fight or is that media exaggeration?
Gordon_Edes:From all indications that I'm getting, the report was bogus. Notice the New York tabloids havent even given it a sniff. That should be a dead giveaway.
BrooklynSox:Q: How do you think the Sox will fare this weekend? Lilly and Halliday sound like bad news to me...
Gordon_Edes:Halliday, of course, is a handful for any team. He's having a Cy Young-type season. Lilly has given the Sox big problems in the past, though he's been pretty erratic this season. After dropping 2 out of 3 to the Indians, the Sox want to get that home magic going again before hitting the road for Texas and Baltimore.
Gordon_Edes:Clement and Wells havent been pitching too shabby either, don't forget.
Seth:Q: What is the appropriate number of games Rogers should get suspended for?
Gordon_Edes:Good question. We don't have a whole lot of precedent for guys banging on TV cameramen, do we?
Gordon_Edes:It would seem appropriate that he be given more than the five games, the equivalent of one missed start, that comes from your usual beanball activity. I suspect Bud Selig will give him twice that much, 10 games, but don't be surprised if the union fights it.
BigSoxfan:Q: What is the latest on the Hansen negotiations and where do you think he would start? Portland?
Gordon_Edes:Things, as expected, have started out slowly. Chances are both sides are waiting for some guys drafted ahead of Hansen to sign to get a better feel for the market. Hansen is expecting and almost certainly will receive a major league deal, but where he begins could depend on how long it is before he signs.
Gordon_Edes:My guess is they'd probably start him in Class A Wilmington, with the idea that he could move up quickly. It's a stretch, but don't rule out the possibility that the Sox give him a look in September on the big league level.
Vinny:Q: I'll ask the obvious - what's up with Foulke and what are the chances of the Sox going for a closer before July 31?
Gordon_Edes:Normally, when a guy's performance drops as dramatically as Foulke's has, people would be screaming that he must be hurt. Both Foulke and club officials insist that's not the case.
Gordon_Edes:So then what is the problem?
Gordon_Edes:In my column coming Sunday, I point out that the Sox have not had a closer who led the team in saves for three full seasons consecutively since Sparkly Lyle, from 1969-71.
Gordon_Edes:Reality is, Foulke had a larger workload under more pressure last season than at any time in his career. Maybe it's taken its toll. Obviously, there has to be a coinfidence issue at play at this point, too.
Gordon_Edes:His velocity has actually been better the last couple of weeks, so it's really hard to put a finger on what the issue is.
Tina:Q: What if anything is managment doing to help Keith Foulke to find his grove?
Gordon_Edes:There's only so much people can do. Obviously, if Dave Wallace knew what the problem was, or had control over that problem, he would have done something by now. Wallace went with Foulke to Alabama in May so Foulke could check on his mechanics. And obviously they are looking at plenty of video and tinkering with his mechanics. But so fa, obviously, nothing has worked.
Seth_2:Q: Do you expect a promotion for Jon Papelbon from Portland soon? His future is obviously a starter but he has a loaded arsenal and could be a great setup guy down the stretch
BostonDotCom:It's very realistic to expect the Sox to give Papelbon a shot, sooner than later. I would think that a promotion to Pawtucket is in the offing, probably at the break, if not sooner.
Gordon_Edes:oops, sorry about that, wrong ID
Gordon_Edes:If Papelbon does well there, clearly the next step would be Yawkey Way.
dropkick_smitty:Q: Hey Gordo , so do you think the fans will ever let foulke forget the comments he made the other night.
Gordon_Edes:People should show up tonight wearing those paper hats that folks working in fast food restaurants wear. You just can't get away with saying stuff like that, I don't care if you're in Boston or Oakland. Foulke should know better.
Gordon_Edes:But he has a tendency to be very patronizing in almost all of his dealings with the media. And he was just as condescending to the fans. But don't hold your breath waiting for an apology; I may be wrong, but he doesn't strike me as that kind of guy.
Logan:Q: Is there any truth to the rumors of the Sox trading for Soriano??
Gordon_Edes_2:thirty-six minutes into the chat, i can now type
Gordon_Edes_2:haven't heard that one, don't see why the sox would. it's all about pitching, pitching, pitching
kitty:Q: how about Borowski from cubs for relief pitching
Gordon_Edes_2:Kitty, Joe was a great little story for a while in chicago, the journeyman who came up big in '03, but with his arm problems, i don't know. The Sox have nothing to lose to look at him, now that the cubs have designated him, and supposedly he was back up to 91 the other day, so it probably bears a little watching. but only as a middle guy, not a closer. i think those days are gone for joe
pturd:Q: Your best guess, what moves does Theo make before the deadline?
Gordon_Edes_2:PT, he hugs his mother when Schilling comes back next weekend to beat the Orioles, he moves payton, which has proven very difficult to date, he beefs up the relief corps, and he reserves hotel rooms in Chicago, Anaheim and Minnesota for possible playoff dates
Seth:Q: Gordon, any recent news on getting Kapler back with the Sox?
Gordon_Edes_2:seth, i ask regularly. Kapler can't say anything, for fear that he will squirrel any deal. Yomiuri has him on its inactive list, and I'm told he's not going to the ballpark anymore. It's best for everyone that he bet let go, but the Giants are undoubtedly holding out for some compensation. There's some serious face-saving involved, But Kapler would love to come back, and I know in the clubhouse they'd love to have him back
bigpapi:Q: Are the red sox going to try and make a trade for Brad Lidge?
Gordon_Edes_2:Bigpapi, that must have been a real nice dream you were having. why on earth would the astros trade lidge? He's a stud, and he's cheap. That's an unbeatable combination
jackie_boy:Q: Gordo, care to update us on the Roberto Petagine situation? The guy is still mashing. It would be a shame to just let him walk. I personally prefer him over both Millar and Olerud.
Gordon_Edes_2:he had a great june, .370 on the nose, 6 hr and 21 rbis, and other clubs are looking at him, and he had the right to bail on june 30 if he didn't get a big-league callup. he hasn't exercised that right
Gordon_Edes_2:but the sox have no room for him
mattgopc:Q: Gordon, who do you think Tito will have start the All Star game? If Clement wins today, is that a possibility?
Gordon_Edes:Clement's a possibility, but it's hard to look past Mark Buerhle and Roy Halliday. My crack chat moderator suggests Kenny Rogers, but I think he was kidding.
base_hit:Q: Gordon, do you expect any familiar faces to be gone by the trade deadline?
Gordon_Edes:It depends how you define a familiar face. John Halama may not be long for this team. The same can be said about Matt Mantei. It's possible that a fan favorite like Kevin Youkilis could go in a deal, you know his name always comes up. Jay Payton I expect will be gone, but as far as the everyday lineup ... no
nysoxfan:Q: Do you think Byun Yun Kim might still be available to help the Sox for the stretch run?
Gordon_Edes:Are you sure you're not Johnny from Burger King, because only Johnny would want another taste of a BK Broiler.
skeeter:Q: What would it cost to get someone like Bottalico?
Ricky:Q: Do you think that the red sox will look to acquire another lefty reliever to replace Embree? Perhaps Fuentes of Colorado?
Gordon_Edes:I know the Sox have looked at Bottalico and are well aware of Fuentes, but the lefty especially (Fuentes) might cost more than the Sox would want to give up. But those are good names.
Gordon_Edes:And, you know, .... given how much John Henry loves AJ Burnett, he's not going to let the Marlins trade him elsewhere without doing some exploring of his own. He's a stud.
BostonDotCom:Thanks for coming folks ... that's all for today. But here are some funny questions we didn't get to. Enjoy the Fourth of July!
imabeliever:Q: Burger King = BK, Byung Yung Kim = BK, I see a paralell you
nysoxfan:Q: I don't think its realistic to expect Sparky Lyle to make a come back at this point but I would still take him over Embre
Hartford_Whaler:Q: Should they name first base at Fenway "The Buckner Base"?
BostonDotCom:And one chatter who showered praise on Gordon
murph:Q: i feel you're sincerity when you are speaking to the studio "fellas" and it is a privilege to listen to you're comments. no question.

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