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Boston Dirt Dogs pre-Game 6 chat wrap -- Tuesday, Oct. 19

Steve_Silva:I'm seeing a combo effort, all hands on deck tomorrow. Since Arroyo was spared a long appearance last night, he'll most likely get the nod, D-Lowe should be in the mix, Wakefield too, and maybe Pedro to set up Foulke. Everyone except Mendoza, BK Kim, and Oil Can Boyd should be ready to go
bcfan:Q: IS there going to be baseball tonight?
Steve_Silva:Fox has nothing else on its plate, so they'll wait this one out. Weather reports are all over the place, but don't expect a rainout (although both teams, and some fans, could use one)
simon:Q: hey dirtdog, any update on schilling? I sincerely hope he isn't trying to be a hero...
Steve_Silva:No chance he'll put himself before the team. Expect a quick hook tonight, no down by 6 runs gaffes by Tito. If the boot works, his arm is fine. I expect him to go deep into the game. Saw him get a cart ride out to the bus last night, he was rarin' to go.
d_drago:Q: Steve, any chance we won't see Damon, Bellhorn, Millar starting tonight?
Steve_Silva:Cliche warning: Dance with the one who brung you... all signs point to a Damon bust out tonight although wouldn't it be great if he actually spent some time practicing to lay down a darn bunt instead of mastering PlayStation2 and his hair and nails?...
Steve_Silva:Damon in, Roberts replacing him is silly talk. Dave Roberts is what he is, a great threat off the bench....
Steve_Silva:Bellhorn is a Tito favorite. The Sox have zero confidence in Pokey's bat. Hoping Bellhorn takes the bat off his shoulders and is due. He's not this bad.
Steve_Silva:Again, not a chance Minky starts over Millar. Millar is actually rested as he was spared the extra frames last night and hits well in the Stadium. Minky just too rusty to throw in there on a whim. Although he'll be at first when Sox win Series.
shill_the_thrill:Q: why does boston struggle with lieber? this is the 3rd time in a month they will face him. i hope they finally break out of their slump against him. what are your thoughts
Steve_Silva:They did make him look like Clemens (and he wears 22) the last time eh? Fool them once, he's lucky. Fool them twice, he's not a bad pitcher. Fool them three times? I don't think so. They'll make adjustments this time, try to work the count, get some guys on base. Damon should hit him. he won't shut them down like before. He's a rehabbed junkballer... that's what I keep telling myself
Austin:Q: How come last night Franconna left varitek in the game after he had hit even though it worked out
Steve_Silva:Don't want to be stuck with once catcher in left in extra innings... maybe not sure how long Wake would last either... but I was behind the plate area when those brutal passed balls came through. Crowd was stunned and many thought the game would end there.
jeff:Q: how important are the bench players (pinch runners, defensive replacements)? Down the stretch they proved their worth but have seen limited time thus far in the playoffs
Steve_Silva:It's all about the situation. Like putting Roberts in to steal the tying run on Sunday night. Unfortunately the first three games, two pitching gems and a blowout for Yankees didn't really allow Tito to take advantage of Roberts/Kapler/Minky
Fire_Dave_Wallace:Q: Why has Dave Wallace gone all year without being acknowleged as a complete moron
Steve_Silva:Need specifics beyond "complete moron"... I 've heard very few Wallace complaints this year except when he comes up and shakes the hell out of people with his hugggggggs. I know D-Lowe didn't want to shake his hand when he was pulled the other night, probably blaming both him and Tito. What about the success of Arroyo? Schilling this season? Any of that credited to Wallace?
BigPapi:Q: Both bullpens are obviously taxed after the last few games, but which pen do you think has more fresh, effective, and available arms going into game 6?
Steve_Silva:Mendoza is fresh as a daisy... but are the Sox ascared to use him in fear of his embeddedness to NY?!? -) Wake can bounce back. Foulke should be ready. Leskanic. Meanwhile Quantrill, Rivera, and Gordon must be gassed. Advantage: Sox.
What_Would_Johnny_Do:Q: Manny is the biggest piece of the puzzle tonight - no RBIs is a joke, even with Damon not getting on, he's had chances
Steve_Silva:Tough to tell what's going on with Manny. I wish he would bear down and get serious sometimes. The constant "I just go out there and have fun" gets real tired when you've had the lousy at-bats he's had. What a difference between Manny and Carlos Beltran. Who would you rather sign now for the same money? Manny's talent is simply too much to keep him down forever. Expect Manny, Millar, and Damon to step up starting tonight.
Dave_from_Medford:Q: Do you think that Mirabelli will start over Varitek? How much of that has to do with Variteks exhaustion and how much with how much better Mirabelli has fared against Lieber?
Steve_Silva:Don't think Tito will risk screwing up Schilling by putting in Mirabelli in tonight. Tek is too important to have on the field. They're all tired. Small sample for Mirabelli anyway.
HLK:Q: Steve, from the arm-has-got-to-be-getting-tired standpoint, who is more of a wildcard tonight, Foulke, after throwing 72 pitches in the last two days or Mo, who has thrown 62 pitches?
Steve_Silva:From the standpoint that Rivera relies on mid-90's heat more that Foulke does with his change-up out pitch, I expect Foulke to be stronger and in a better position to close one out than Mo, who must still have a lot on his mind.
wakeisgod:Q: Not to get ahead of ourselves...but what are the chances of Cabrerra sticking around next season?
Steve_Silva:He's on the list... if the price is right naturally. But I don't get what he's doing at the plate on some of these at-bats. He's swinging like a guy who just stepped into the West Harwich batting cages after 12 beers. You can feel the breeze when he swings. Who's his Papa Jack? I like aggressive free swingers but as Tommy Heinson would say THIS IS RIDICULOUS
d_drago:Q: Steve, Torre managed a terrible game last night.. heat from Yankee fans?
Steve_Silva:Yeah, it did appear that he wanted to just go home and win it there. Just hot air from Yankee fan blowhards, but they love Joe. He led them to over 100 wins with massive pitching problems. Any heat he gets will die out quickly if they clinch at home.
mike_fisher:Q: What's up with fan reaction to Mark Belhorn? Both he and Damon have tanked but fans seem to be directing their anger at Belhorn.
Steve_Silva:Johnny was a near MVP candidate and a fan favorite. Bellhorn is a one year guy who leaves the bat on his shoulders a lot. Set a strikout record. 'Nuff said.
mango:Q: Did you have to pay Nelson $10 to get your picture taken with him, or did he have to pay you?
Steve_Silva:Much to my chagrin, I did not see Nelson at Fenway last night. How could I have missed him? According to Kevin Schiffman, who had his pic taken, you had to pay Mahow's assistant $10 bucks, but they would settle for a $5 spot. What a country. Gordon Edes wrote that Fenway security "removed" him from behind the plate... Petey can't be too happy about that. Nelson was also on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night, so this Good Luck Charm gig is paying off
Spinner:Q: Will McCarver cry if the Red Sox win??
Steve_Silva:Actually, with all the flak he took before the series even started, I think Tim's gone out of his way to praise the Sox. Like most Yankee fans, he secretly wants to be a Red Sox fan and pulls for Boston
CorkHead:Q: As tonight's game is another game six, will you inadvisably be nervously playing with a champaigne bottle as you did back in 1986????
Steve_Silva:Hey! Don't talk about that... the cork slipped out of the bottle... there were two outs.... there was no one on... Bob Stanley looked great out there... were you there? The pictures have been destroyed.
Mahowboy_Up:Q: If the boot doesn't work does Schilling get the brace that Red Pollard wore in "Seabiscut?"
Steve_Silva:Yes, that is the plan for Game 8 right now... into the homestretch they come!
BillJ_:Q: I hear Manny missed the team plane and is stuck at Logan? Any confirmation?
Steve_Silva:That crazy Manny... no confirmation on that one. We've got our people on it.
btf:Q: What was with the Nomar diss during the pregame of Game 1 on Fox? Any thoughts on that. I haven't heard anything
Steve_Silva:Weird song to put up eh? "We're sorry Nomar"... written by Bobby Q from Needham, now in LA, he recorded it before the trade, so it made no sense as lyrics said "please don't leave our town"... HE WAS TRADED, IT'S TOO LATE. I have the goofy song, but haven't had chance to post. Worst part is, Bobby has written a Curse song of some sort that references 1918, if Sox advance, Fox may use it. Yikes!
Steve_Silva:Bronx weather update from our man Eric Wilbur in the pressbox. Weather is drizzly, front has moved East. GAME IS ON!
pUMPED_FaN:Q: Varitek is the catalyst for this team , the leader..he will be playing tonight and every inning at that...hes a dirt dog
Redsox_24:Q: so you tink that the red sox can get the job done tonight in NY?
Steve_Silva:Absolutely. I expect a blowout of Game 6 2003 proportions. It's a lock -)
marat:Q: What is a realistic expectation of Curt Schilling for today in terms of innings, runs allowed, etc. ?
Steve_Silva:Seven innings. One run allowed. Seriously... if the boot works.
mikem1216:Q: If Damon continues to struggle tonight and the Sox end up winnijng, What are the chances that Tito will put in Dave Roberts for a game 7?
Steve_Silva:Zero. He'll be even more due.
ihatesheffield:Q: do you think tonight is the night we see the benches clear? will ortiz get plunked for retaliation on A-Rod and Matsui getting decked.
Steve_Silva:It has been awfully quiet on the confrontation front... too much at stake for a brawl tonight. Ortiz get plunked? Not tonight
dcsoxfan:Q: how big of a disappointment is DLowe? even after a good start the other day, he continues to rag on the front office and the team nonstop, acting as if it is the team's lack of faith with him that is the problem. where will he be next year and how much mo
bizzo5000:Q: I'm still convinced Mike Myers will win game 7 of the WS on halloween. Agree?
Steve_Silva:Works for me.
BackShore:Q: Will Pedro sign with the Sox for less than 3 years?
Steve_Silva:Unfortunately you '
Steve_Silva:d be crazy to give him a longer package. He simply doesn't dominate any longer and was grossly overpaid this year (Thanks Yawkee Trust/Dan Duquette), so he sees any adjustment as a pay cut. The garbage you have to read "if they want me" is ridiculous. It's all about money. And don't kid yourself about his going to NYY. It's more than possible.
chi-chi:Q: Steve, is Theo happy with Tito?
Steve_Silva:Loves him. Tito not going anywhere. I feel bad for Tito and the heat he takes. He works hard and is a good baseball man. Let the team get a little too loose however. If he tightens up the reigns a bit, he'll be fine for 5-10 years.
Fisk:Q: Would Curt drive forward with playing like he is tonight if he was less than able to perform?
d_drago:Q: Steve, I hope Pedro goes to the Yanks.. and we face him in playoffs next year. He's not a big game pitcher..
Steve_Silva:How great would that be for Round 3 next year in the ALCS... and we get Roger back for one last hurrah to face him -)
Dietrich:Q: What are the chances of Beltran signing with anyone other than the Yankees? He seems to be exactly the type of player (postseason heroics, big name) that Steinbrenner would drool over.
Steve_Silva:Makes sense for the Globetrotters to keep adding to the All-Star team. It's really a joke how the Yankees can just load up, dump mistakes, sign more mistakes, dump them on someone else, replace with superstar. Which is why it's even more impressive when they get beat. There can't be much joy in being a Yankee fan however, they don't feel the unbridled enthusiasm for their team like we do.
brooks:Q: what in gods name was cashman wearing on his head last evening?
Steve_Silva:Saw him by the third base dugout, but didn't see anything. He reminds me of Tony Massarotti every time I see him however.
WeymouthWahoo:Q: Any idea what the vegas odds are on tonights game?
Steve_Silva:Didn't catch the line, but I heard the Sox were the favorites on 'EEI this morning.
What_Would_Johnny_Do:Q: Was the Manny missing the plane story just a Hoax, there is no way that could happen. He was on the team bus last night, and would have been on another plane this morning if that was the case
Steve_Silva:Sounds like it to me. I waited for the bus to leave and it looked like everyone was on it. Can't say I saw Manny in particular, but no reason why he would not be on it.
archie:Q: Any idea how many of the players are practicing their bunting today?
spyda:Q: Cashman was wearing one of those new soccer headgear pieces to keep his ears warm. Only problem is that he was watching a baseball game, not playing goalkeeper for the NY/NJ Metrostars.
Steve_Silva:For clarification of above question. Soccer headgeargate.
Bob_in_Va:Q: Manny may not have missed the plane, but he's missing the boat... he needs to come up big.
Steve_Silva:We could use headlines like that on BDD -)
FisksGirl:Q: Do you think that the reason why Manny Ramirez has not been hitting big is because the leadoff hitters haven't gotten on base before him?
Steve_Silva:I hate this excuse. It's weak. Manny is responsible for Manny's slump. Period.
Steve_Silva:True that.
Mrs__Ramirez:Q: So, is manny in NYC??
Steve_Silva:EEI reports Manny did not take team flight. Given permission with two or three players to skip flight. He is on route to NYC and may already have landed. He's in NY according to Big Show guys. They have flight info. 2:30 shuttle, landed at 3:51, so he's there. He can't do any worse that's for sure.
simon:Q: whoa .. big news from Vegas DirtDog ... Last night Schilling was a -125 Favorite .. Today Lieber is the -130 Favorite? Such a jump makes no sense.. Any ideas?
Steve_Silva:I would lay off baseball. The Celtics are a smart pick tonight.
Dan:Q: Is Ramiro Mendoza still with the team? Why wasn't he used last night or the night before?
Steve_Silva:Still with team. They don't trust him... or his stuff.
baseballzeitgeist:Q: If the players can't bunt, who should take the blame? Coaches, manager, or the players? Somebody should own up to this.
Steve_Silva:Both. But more on the coaches.
Staz:Q: Steve, can you throw 2 or 3 innings tonight if needed?
Steve_Silva:Absolutely. But I missed Manny's plane, so I won't be able to make it down in time unfortunately... gotta run, thanks folks, Go Sox Go!
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