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Perseid Meteor Shower

Perseid meteor shower to peak tonight, super weather much of the week

Posted by David Epstein August 11, 2013 08:40 PM

As the sun has now set across much of the USA, some of you may be gearing up for a night of meteor watching. Perfect viewing weather for the annual Perseid meteor shower blankets most of southern and central New England with clear skies and comfortably cool temperatures. This is exactly the night you want in August for ideal viewing conditions. At their peak, you could see up to 50 to 70 meteors per hours in the wee hours of Monday morning.
For frequent updates about other astronomical events, the weather and gardening tips find me on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.
The best time to see this meteor shower will be from about 11PM tonight to 4AM Monday. However, if you don't want to stay up that late, you can certainly see a few meteors streak across the sky once it gets dark. You will just have to be a bit more patient earlier in the evening.

Monday will start as a carbon copy of today with wall to wall sunshine, low humidity and cool morning temperatures. Clouds will tend to increase a bit during the afternoon. Highs will reach the lower 80s inland with cooler air along the immediate coast. Humidity rises Monday night and with the increase in moisture clouds will arrive. Monday night and early Tuesday will not be great for meteors in this part of the country.


Ideal viewing for Perseid meteor shower

Posted by David Epstein August 10, 2013 01:50 PM

Get your favorite lawn chair, a blanket and something to drink because the year's best meteor show is already underway. If you have seen a meteor or two the past couple of nights most likely you are seeing one of thousands of Perseid meteors that will streak across the sky this month. I'll be updating the details of the Perseid meteors and the forecast on Twitter at @growingwisdom Please follow me there. Feel free to comment or ask questions too.
Perseid meteor shower.jpg


Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight, best places to view it

Posted by David Epstein August 11, 2012 07:44 PM

The annual Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight into early Sunday morning and if the sky above you is clear you are sure to enjoy a spectacular astronomical show. While the meteors are the main billing tonight, there are a few other players on the stellar stage. Look to the east early tomorrow morning before dawn as Jupiter, then the moon and finally Venus will rise, creating a nice diagonal line. planets tonight.gif Of course with any of these events in the sky the weather is the most important variable. It won't matter how great the meteors are if it's overcast. Much of Texas, the Ohio Valley, Tennessee, the northern parts of Alabama, Mississippi and the Rockies look to have favorable sky conditions. parts of Florida and a good deal of the West Coast will also be mainly clear.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this blog or any others. If you have a weather or gardening question ask me on Twitter at @growingwisdom and be sure to tell me where you are located.


Perseid meteor shower this weekend

Posted by David Epstein August 9, 2012 12:54 PM

The annual Perseid meteor shower is this weekend. You can expect to see up to one meteor each minute streaking across the sky. Meteors are tiny fragments of minerals that burn up upon hitting our atmosphere. Some Meteorites can be comprised up of minerals rich in silicon and oxygen. Other meteorites consist mainly of iron and nickel, while some are combinations of all four elements. Most are surprisingly tiny about the size of a grain of rice. They burn up in our atmosphere 30-60 miles above the surface of the earth. If a meteor does make it all the way to the ground, we call it a meteorite. If you are interested in gardening, science or weather check out my Twitter feed
at @growingwisdom


Perseid meteor shower weather forecast

Posted by David Epstein August 9, 2012 05:15 AM

This year the ability to view the Perseid meteor showering is getting some cooperation from the moon. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights the moon will be in the waning crescent phase meaning it is getting a bit smaller with time. When the moon is full, it is very difficult to see a good meteor shower because of all the added light. The smaller the moon, the less light and we have a very small moon this weekend. Of course, the moon's phase won't matter if it's cloudy where you are viewing the annual meteor shower. While computer models can't predict the weather with 100% accuracy, I can give you an idea of what the weather and sky condition will be the next few nights. If you follow me on Twitter, send me a tweet for a personal forecast at @growingwisdom and check out my latest videos at I think some of the best viewing will be in the Ohio valley and the west. I might have to drive quite far to get clear skies this year.


Best times and where to view Perseid meteor shower

Posted by David Epstein August 7, 2012 09:10 PM

For professional and amateur astronomers the Perseid meteor shower is one of the more anticipated events of the year. This annual event occurs as the result of a comet discovered 150 years ago,in the mid-19th century by Lewis Swift and Horace Tuttle high in the summer sky. A few years later, in 1867, an Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli noticed that the Perseid meteors happened in similar fashion to the orbit of the Swift-Tuttle comet. His hypothesis, which was eventually proven, was that the meteors were small fragments of that comet breaking away and sweeping through the solar system. Since many of the meteors appear to shoot across the constellation Perseus, the event is called the Perseid meteor shower. If you have any questions about this blog, weather or just want to let me know you saw some shooting stars I would love to hear from you on Twitter at @growingwisdom


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