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Ronald Wilson Reagan
President Reagan pauses before leaving the Oval Office for the last time on Jan. 20, 1989.
President Reagan pauses before leaving the Oval Office for the last time on Jan. 20, 1989. (New York Times Photo)

Reagan, all-American, dies at 93

Ronald Reagan, a Hollywood actor whose greatest dramas were performed in the White House, and a New Deal Democrat who reinvigorated American conservatism, died on June 5. (By David Shribman, Boston Globe)
The funeral
A last salute to Reagan
WASHINGTON -- With pealing bells, elaborate military honors, and tender remembrances of a man whose vision of America was a shining city on a hill, a remarkable congregation of world leaders, former presidents, US officials, family, and friends yesterday paid a final tribute to President Ronald Reagan at a majestic midday funeral in the Washington National Cathedral.
Reagan's backers seek memorials
WASHINGTON -- As mourners gathered to pay their respects before Ronald Reagan's casket yesterday, members of Congress and conservative activists were working to seize the moment to create more-enduring Reagan memorials. (Boston Globe)
 RESPECTS PAID: In D.C., a day of mourning
Leaders recall a man of optimism, patriotism
President Bush led a chorus of leaders in mourning the death of Ronald Reagan, saying it is "a sad hour in the life of America." (By Wayne Washington, Boston Globe)
Reagan in perspective
Reagan's detractors say they can't forget
WASHINGTON -- For liberal critics who detested Ronald Reagan's policies and the conservative movement he led, it has been an awkward and infuriating week. (Boston Globe)
 NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE: Reexamining Cold War lessons
More news
Globe editorial: Ronald Wilson Reagan
RONALD REAGAN'S legacy is complex -- great achievements in both foreign and domestic affairs mixed with setbacks and errors that still color American politics. (Boston Globe)
Gipper's goodness always shone
THERE WERE four of us in the motel room that night in Manchester, N.H. It was the windup of the New Hampshire presidential primary, and downstairs, where Ronald Reagan's supporters had gathered, hope was tempered by the reality of an uphill climb. George Bush had defeated Reagan in Iowa, and if he won here, too, there seemed little chance Reagan ... (By Mickey Edwards)
He brought back black and white
THE HEADLINES of The Boston Globe and Time magazine called Ronald Reagan an "All-American." Dan Rather led the CBS News by saying, "Ronald Reagan, the Cold War crusader whose sunny optimism made a nation believe it was morning in America, dies at 93." The New York Times wrote, "Mr. Reagan's relentless optimism projected the sun." (By Derrick Z. Jackson)
Reagan's saddle a poor fit for Bush
OH, HOW the campaign to reelect George W. Bush would like to ride the memory of Ronald Reagan to another four years of power. Republicans look to Reagan as Democrats look to Franklin Roosevelt: presidents who transformed the political landscape as no others in their century. (By H.D.S. Greenway)
Reagan's gifts to Americans
FIFTY YEARS from now few serious students of American history will dwell as much as contemporary commentators do on what a fabulous communicator Ronald Reagan was. (By Thomas Oliphant, Boston Globe)
Celebrating Reagan the man, not the myth
STOP THE sugar-coating. At death, loyal family members and a compliant media turn human beings like Ronald Reagan into superheroes. (By Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe)
The Gorbachev factor
IF THERE WAS ever an odd couple in world affairs, it was Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. (By Marshall I. Goldman, Boston Globe)
The modest giant
RONALD REAGAN was the first president I was old enough to vote for and the only one I have ever voted for with enthusiasm. (By Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe)
One more win for the Gipper
TELEVISION anchors and reporters said the same thing: Ronald Reagan died after a long "battle" with Alzheimer's disease. (By Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe)
Reagan's heart of darkness
NOT A SINGLE major US newspaper, TV station, or politician has dared to exhume this counterpoint to the Reagan's legacy: "Immoral, evil, and totally un-Christian." (By Derrick Z. Jackson, Boston Globe)
More coverage from AP
Nancy at Reagan's side until the end
Nancy Reagan was at the Gipper's side for a half-century. He called her Mommy. She called him Ronnie. (AP)
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Reagan's letter
In 1994, Reagan announced that he had Alzheimer's disease in an intimate letter to his fellow Americans.  Text of letter
Globe coverage from the end of Reagan's presidency:
One lucky -- or very smart -- guy
Who is better off after Ronald Reagan, and who is worse off?
In farewell speech, Reagan stresses renewal of values
Bidding farewell, President Reagan said the "Reagan revolution" was "more like a great rediscovery."
The script's the same: stand tall, America
This most extraordinary man was more at ease with himself than any president within memory.
Globe editorial: A long run in the leading role
President Reagan's most valuable farewell gift to the United States has been his survival.
Verdict on the Reagan years
Those who attribute Reagan's high approval rating only to his charm are missing the point.
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