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Peabody ballplayer Jeff Allison remains hopeful as he battles back from drug addiction. (Globe Staff Photo / Suzanne Kreiter)

Drugs threatened to steal this pitching prospect's dream, life

(By Thomas Farragher, Globe Staff, 12/12/04)
The buzz had followed him since he was a little boy chasing pop flies and ground balls across the dusty infields of Peabody. Born in the whispers of wide-eyed Little League coaches, it grew louder as the kid with the golden arm collected trophies and championships, banner headlines, and a first-class ticket to Major League Baseball.

Reclaiming his life, and his life in baseball

(By Thomas Farragher, Globe Staff, 12/13/04)
If there was a shining symbol of Jeff Allison's success, this was it: a maroon Cadillac Escalade he bought in the summer of 2003 after signing a $1.85 million contract with Major League Baseball's Florida Marlins. He was the team's top draft pick and he wanted a rig worthy of a number one.
 JUNE 4, 2003: Marlins scoop up Allison
 JUNE 3, 2003: Peabody ace awaiting call
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