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Campaign 2006: Contributions to the Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates

Check who is contributing to the candidates for governor in your community using our donation maps. We have mapped contributions made since Jan. 1, 2003 according to donors' addresses (the large map below is the Back Bay section of Boston). Each county, town, and zip code is tinted according to which candidate received the most contributions (see the legend below).

We will update these maps when the candidates file new reports twice a month.

Represented here are contributions to Democrat Deval Patrick, Republican Kerry Healey, Independent Christy Mihos, and Green-Rainbow candidate Grace Ross. Donations to Democrats Christopher Gabrieli and Thomas F. Reilly, who were knocked out of the primary, also are included.

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Editor's note: The maps may take several minutes to load.
Click on any circle on the map for donations by Back Bay residents. To see donations from other neighborhoods, or from other Massachusetts cities and towns, click on the links in the box below. You also can search by zip code. If the circles on any map seem too close together, use the Zoom scale on the left side of each map - zoom in with the plus sign, and zoom out with the minus sign. The 4 arrows above the scale let you move to different locations on the map, or just click and drag on the map with your mouse.
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About the Data: These maps summarize data available to the public on the website of the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance. The maps shown here represent contributions reported by current gubernatorial candidates from Jan. 1, 2003 to today. Candidates sometimes file amendments to their contributions reports; those are not reflected here, but are available on the campaign finance site. Also, some maps and summaries do not represent all donations for that area because some malformed addresses on the donor lists cannot be mapped. However, the totals shown on the maps of Massachusetts and the United States do reflect all contributions.