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The Making of Mitt Romney

Reaping profit
in study, sweat

Mitt Romney would lead Bain Capital from a staff of seven people managing $37 million to 115 people managing $4 billion. During his tenure, the firm would post an astonishing record, on average doubling its return on realized investments every year. But only his colleagues knew how much he worried -- and sweat -- behind the scenes. (By Robert Gavin and Sacha Pfeiffer, Globe Staff)

Romney's Harvard classmates recall his quick mind

His classmates at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School knew his privileged pedigree. But many of them came from greater wealth and influence than he did. (By Sacha Pfeiffer, Globe Staff)
Despite the pressures at Bain Capital, Mitt Romney kept the atmosphere loose. One year, after posing for a photo for a firm brochure, the partners did another take, the second time holding $10 and $20 bills. From left, Fraser Bullock, Eric A. Kriss, Joshua Bekenstein, Mitt Romney, Coleman Andrews, Geoffrey S. Rehnert, and Robert F. White.
Romney the Businessman
Video Romney the Businessman
Learn about Mitt Romney's boardroom style, unique talents, and the leveraged buyouts that he was so good at.
George and Mitt: Father and Son
photo gallery
Photo Gallery George and Mitt: Father and Son
George Romney's business success propelled him into national prominence, in Michigan and in the Republican Party.
Romney's Clean-cut Look
Video Romney's Clean-cut Look
There was no argument about how well Romney fit the image of the smooth executive, with never a hair out of place.

New Globe book

'The Real Romney'

'The Real Romney'

This book is the first complete, independent biography of Mitt Romney, a man whose journey to national political fame is at once remarkable and thoroughly unsurprising.