Question 11

Who are your campaign's advisers for legal issues?

Barack Obama

Laurence Tribe, Professor of Law, Harvard University

Cass Sunstein, Professor of Law, University of Chicago

Jeh C. Johnson, former General Counsel of Department of the Air Force (1998-2001)

Gregory Craig, former Assistant to the President and Special Counsel (1998-1999), former Director of Policy Planning for U.S. Department of State (1997-1998)

Hillary Clinton

I have a large and diverse group of advisers.

John Edwards

(Note: these advisors have not necessarily endorsed Senator Edwards)

Julius Chambers, Director, University of North Carolina Center on Civil Rights and former director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Elizabeth Warren, Professor of law at Harvard Law School

Scott Harshbarger, Senior counsel, Proskauer Rose, and former attorney general of Massachusetts

Peggy McGuinness, Associate professor, University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law, and formerly a foreign service officer at the State Department for eight years

Allen Weiner, Senior lecturer in law and co-director of the program in international law Stanford University Law School. Formerly a lawyer at the State Department for 11 years

Peter J. Smith, Professor of law at George Washington University Law School. Formerly a lawyer at the United States Department of Justice

Bill Richardson

Jim Lamb and Eric Schnurer are our legal advisors.

Christopher Dodd

Dodd has declined to answer this question.

Joseph Biden

(From staff) Sen. Biden relies a great deal on his own experience as a Constitutional law professor and the Chairman or Ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, but he discusses legal issues frequently with Larry Tribe of Harvard Law School; Walter Dellinger, acting Solicitor General for Bill Clinton; and Erwin Chermerinsky and Chris Schroeder, both of Duke Law School.

John McCain

McCain declined to answer this question.

Mitt Romney

The campaign receives legal advice from members of the Romney for President Advisory Committee on the Constitution and the Courts, which is comprised of some of our nation’s top constitutional scholars and legal experts.

Ron Paul

I don’t have specific advisers, whether it's economic or foreign policy, we don’t assign advisers, nor have we hired anybody. But I've had individuals I've looked up to and I've read what they've written and I've visited with them, as a matter of fact they've even come to my office to talk with other members of the Congress that I like to bring together for lunch. That is Bruce Fein, Andrew Napolitano, and Jonathan Turley.

These are people I’ve known. But I've talked to them and had them to my office a long before this campaign even started.

Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani declined to answer this question.

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee declined to answer this question.

Fred Thompson

Thompson declined to answer this question.