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William W. Cartwright

Pawtucket, R.I.


William W. Cartwright, 42, was pumped to go to Great White's show at The Station, but didn't have the money.

A friend came through with a ticket, however, and they went to last Thursday's show together.

"They were just looking for a good night," Candy Herman, his sister, said yesterday of her brother, who lost his life in the nightclub blaze.

Great White, Kiss, and Def Leppard were favorites of Cartwright, who loved to belt out '80s rock hits at Tommy's Lounge, a local karaoke bar, and cruise through town on his Yamaha motorcycle.

The bike was nothing fancy, but that suited Cartwright, who was born in Pawtucket and lived there most of his life.

"He was the kind of guy that didn't have a whole lot of things," said his brother-in-law Chris Herman. "But what he had, he really enjoyed."

Although he'd never been in a band, he delivered passionate renditions of his favorite songs -- especially "One," by Creed. "People knew him for that; he was really proud of it," said Candy Herman. "He sang karaoke at our dad's birthday party a few years ago. We have a picture of him singing away."

Cartwright's friend escaped the fire with minor injuries.

A truck driver for the Providence Yarn Company, Cartwright lived in Pawtucket with his girlfriend, Kristen Aris.

He loved to play cards with his four sisters and his father, crowing when he won at spades, his favorite game, Candy Herman said.