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Kennedy Family tragedies

BOSTON -- A small aircraft piloted by John F. Kennedy Jr., son of the assassinated president and an heir to the Kennedy political dynasty, was missing after taking off for a family wedding Friday night, authorities said Saturday.

The following is a chronology of other tragedies which have hit the Kennedy family over the years:

  • 1941--Rosemary Kennedy, daughter of Joseph and Rose, is institutionalized because of retardation and failed lobotomy. She is now 80 years old.

  • 1944-- Joseph Kennedy Jr., one of nine children of Joseph and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, four of them brothers, killed in aircraft crash during World War II. He was 29.

  • 1948-- Kathleen Agnes Kennedy, Joseph's sister, killed in plane crash in France. She was 28.

  • 1963-- President John F. Kennedy assassinated in Dallas. He was 46.

  • 1963-- Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, son of John and Jacqueline Kennedy, dies of respiratory problems at the age of three months.

  • 1964--Edward Kennedy, brother of John and Robert, is critically injured in a plane crash near Springfield, Mass.. An aide, Edward Moss, is killed.

  • 1968-- Robert F. Kennedy assassinated in Los Angeles during presidential campaign. He was 42.

  • 1969-- Sen. Edward M. Kennedy drives car off bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts. Aide Mary Jo Kopechne is later found dead in a submerged car.

  • 1973-- Robert Kennedy's son Joseph involved in car accident that left a female passenger paralyzed for life.

  • 1973-- Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's son Edward Jr. has right leg amputated because of cancer.

  • 1984-- David A. Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, dies of heroin overdose in a hotel neat family vacation home in Palm Beach, Fla.

  • 1986-- Patrick Kennedy, son of Sen. Edward Kennedy, then a teenager and now a US congressman, sought treatment for cocaine addiction.

  • 1991-- William Kennedy Smith, a nephew of the Kennedy brothers, accused of raping a woman at the family's Palm Beach estate. He is later acquitted.

  • 1997-- Michael Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, killed in skiing accident. He was 39.


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