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Vineyard airport, Conn. flight station didn't quite connect

Following is a transcript of a telephone exchange between Martha's Vineyard Airport and the Bridgeport Automated Flight Service Station (ATCS) Friday at 10:05 p.m.

ATCS: Good evening, Bridgeport Flight Service.

Caller: Hi, I was wondering if you could track an airplane for me. Would you know about Teterboro or Westchester. There's two tail numbers.

ATCS: Okay, now, what's this about now. Who are you?

Caller: This is, that's to go en route from Martha's Vineyard Airport.

ATCS: Well, who are you?

Caller: I'm with airport operations.

ATCS: From where?

Caller: Martha's Vineyard Airport.


Caller: Actually, Kennedy Junior's on board. He's, uh, they wanna know where he is.

ATCS: Well, is he on an IFR flight plan [instrument flight rules] or a VFR flight plan [visual flight rules] or what?

Caller: They don't know.

ATCS: You got an aircraft number?

Caller: Yeah, there's two of them. It's either 529JK or 9253N.

ATCS: OK, and who's this, who are you calling from?

Caller: This is from Martha's Vineyard Airport, and that's where they're headed.

ATCS: Your name?

Caller: Adam.

ATCS: Adam what?

Caller: Budd.

ATCS: Butt?

Caller: Budd.

ATCS: Okay, well are you with operations there?

Caller: Yeah. If it's too much trouble.

ATCS: Well, we don't give this information out to people over the phone.

Caller: OK, well, if it's too much trouble, it's ...

ATCS: Okey-doke.

Caller: I'll just have 'em wait.

ATCS: What?

Caller: All right, it's not a big deal.

ATCS: All right.

Caller: Take it easy.


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