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Rebuilding Iraq


Should celebrities shut up?

In today's Life in the Pop Lane column, Renée Graham writes that fame should not prevent celebrities from speaking their opinion about a possible war in Iraq. Others contend that most celebrities have no political qualifications and should keep their mouths shut. What's your opinion?
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Martin Sheen, champion of human rights, did not speak out when his own son was going around sleeping with high paid prostitutes. In Iraq Charlie Sheen would have been beheaded along with the prostitutes. I say send the Sheens, Mike Farrell, and all other celebrity so-called "Human Rights Activists" to Iraq and see how long they are able to speak their mind. I don't mind their speaking out but they have never spoken out about the injustices of Saddam's regime; why now are they such caring people. Give us all a break and stick to making loads of money being fluffy actors with big egos. Care about the troops defending your right to speak your mind and have enough respect to stand by your country.

Nancy G, Wrentham

Where were these "beutiful people" when Clinton sent over 400 cruise missles into Iraq in 1998, on the eve of his impeachment hearing, and without a UN mandate? Or how 'bout Somalia, Kosovo,... I think protest and dissent are the hallmarks of freedom and liberty, but when they are done strictly out of bitter partisan whining I see it for what it is... narrow, unenlightened, self-interest. America isn't to blame for ALL of the world's problems. I have yet to see even ONE sign that is anti-Saddam at one of these rallies.


I certainly agree that every American is entitled to their opinion regarding policy decisions. However, abusing your press rights as a celebrity to portray your opinion (often times poorly thought out) is likened to putting poorly performed research into the world; it may not be entirely wrong, but it's sometimes just enough to polute the truth and mislead others. If celebrities think that they deserve more, than they should try picking up a weapon and sharing the line with some of those in the world that are protecting themselves from despots put into/and maintaining their power with all of the oil money that should, according to many of our anti-war celebs, mean nothing in consideration of where [America] chooses to fight. An addendum, not necessarily related to the question of whether celebrities shold have more of a voice: I'm sure that 1941 Japan would disagree that oil was not worth going to war over...they conquered, raped and pillaged half of China and most of the south pacific for oil and a whole lot more.

Travis, Boston

Celebrities, like everyone else have a right to express their opinions. Most people, however, don't have the outlet to express thier opinions that the celebrities enjoy. One thing that everyone has to remember though is that thier opinions might be based on misinformation or emotion. They are actors for the most part with little or no training in the areas they are expressing thier opinions about. Just take everything you hear and things you see, especially on the internet, with a grain of salt. There are things our government officials know that are secret. They make decisions based on what they know and we make decisions based on what we hear in the media. Well I heard Martin Sheen say yaddi yaddi the other day and so I believe...................... SCARY!

Tommy, Weymouth

Martin Sheen has worked for peace his whole life. Why should he have to give that up just because he is an actor?

Eileen, Waltham

Everyone has the right to his or her opinion about the war in Iraq, and, in the U.S., the right to express it. That goes for actors and "celebrities" as well. Yes, they have a forum the rest of us don't have. But so do a number of other people who are no better educated, intelligent, well-spoken, or informed, including any number of politicians. Ignore them if you don't agree with them. And be very afraid when you aren't allowed to voice your opinion. Save your anger and energy for that.

Gin, Dedham

Any time I hear a celebrity say something Anti-American or just plain ignorant - I stop going to their movies. I have stopped watching West Wing because of all of the anti-Bush protests. Protest the war, and Sadaam. That is fine. All I see when they open their mouths is that they hate President Bush. That is not being American. I worry about the moral of our troops.

Katy, Nashua

Yes, and so shouldn't all the rest of the trendy misinformed peace activists.

mike, harwich, MA

Bob Dylan lived with the Poor he championed. He had a strong understand of what shaped the issue of his time. Most importantly, his actions reflected his music. He wasn't hoping out of his Hummer to join a protest for a couple of hours, only to return to his gated community a couple hours later.

Tom, Boston

Why shouldn't celebrities be able to share their opinions whether they are informed or not? Ninety Percent of the opinions on this board are uninformed and yet we all still have the right to those opinions. If celebrities want to use their status as celebrities to share their views on war, the environment, or whatever that's fine with me. It doesn't mean I have to agree with them or try to develop my own opinion. The Problem with Citizens Against Celebrity "pundits" is it isolates the views of celebrities because they do not agree with the view of the petitioner, which may represent half of Americans, but the views of many celebrities do represent the views of the other half of Americans. Dissent and political discourse are what this country was founded on, silencing those in "disagreeance" with you is the way of Communist and Totalitarian Regimes. People on this board argue that celebrities are not qualified to speak out on these issues, I ask what makes you qualified? If you don't know the answer then you don't understand what this country is about. It's about more then blindly idolizing a flag.

Kevin, Allston

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