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And you thought YOU were full

Contestants feast quick at N.Y. deli

NEW YORK -- It's a question just begging to be asked: How much turkey can a person gobble down in 12 minutes?

A group of eight competitive American eaters assembled at Artie's Deli in New York on Wednesday, with eight 10-pound roast turkeys, to find out.

Eric ''Badlands" Booker started quickly, ripping through two turkey breasts and establishing an 8-ounce lead after three minutes. As time ticked down and the competitors faced moister meat in the drumsticks and shoulders, Sonya ''The Black Widow" Thomas, Chip Simpson, and Tim Janus gained speed.

After 12 minutes, nearly every bird was stripped to the bone.

After examining the scales, the judges that Thomas, a 100-pound woman from Alexandria, Va., had taken first prize, worth $2,500, by consuming 4 pounds, 3.1 ounces of meat. Booker dropped to sixth place.

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