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Clinton criticizes Bush energy plans


PROVIDENCE -- Former President Clinton lashed out at the Bush administration's energy policies yesterday, criticizing them as ''dumb economics" during a wide-ranging speech to more than 4,000 students, politicians, and top state Democratic fund-raisers at Brown University. Clinton also encouraged Americans to support democracy in Iraq and said they should encourage the Bush administration to work with the rest of the world in bringing peace to the region. Clinton said those who opposed going to war with Iraq had to put those feelings aside. (AP)


Couple hits $208m jackpot, then the road
LANSING -- A Michigan couple yesterday claimed a down payment on its $208 million Mega Millions lottery win, the third-largest-ever jackpot for the game, and then promptly hit the road in a recreational vehicle. Ralph and Mary Stebbins picked up a check at state Lottery headquarters for $1 million, less taxes. Mega Millions is a lottery game offered in 11 states, including Massachusetts. (AP)


Daylight saving gets narrow approval
INDIANAPOLIS -- All of Indiana is a stroke of a pen away from uniformly moving clocks forward an hour next year to observe daylight saving time. On Thursday night, state lawmakers narrowly approved a bill requiring the time change. The state's governor ran on the issue and is likely to sign it. Most of the state's 92 counties do not change their clocks. (AP)


Penalty urged after girl, 5, is handcuffed
ST. PETERSBURG -- Black leaders urged the police chief to punish officers involved in the handcuffing last month of an unruly 5-year-old girl, a video of which was aired around the world. About two dozen black leaders, many of them retired educators and administrators, met with the police chief Thursday to discuss the March 14 incident at Fairmount Elementary School, where three white police officers handcuffed the black kindergartner. (AP)


Two 9/11 hijackers used public computers
NEWARK -- Two of the Sept. 11 hijackers, Nawaf Alhamzi and Khalid Almihdhar, used a public-access computer at an unnamed New Jersey college library to buy tickets for the plane they seized and crashed into the Pentagon, a federal prosecutor said. Ken Wainstein, US attorney for the District of Columbia, made the disclosure Thursday during a congressional hearing in which the Bush administration pushed for renewal of provisions of the USA Patriot Act that make it easier for investigators to obtain library and other records. (AP)

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