Craigslist attacks

On Aug. 15, accused “Craigslist killer” Philip Markoff, 24, committed suicide at Nashua Street Jail in Boston. Markoff was being held awaiting trial in the slaying of Julissa Brisman, a 25-year-old New York masseuse who placed an advertisement for her services on Craigslist. Police arrested Markoff, a Boston University medical student, in April 2009.
Markoff victim’s kin hits gun sale Philip Markoff

Markoff victim's kin blames
N.H. gun store for sale

The mother of Julissa Brissman says a New Hampshire gun store should be held accountable for selling Philip Markoff the gun used to kill her daughter. (Boston Globe)
Audio excerpts: Philip Markoff's interview with police
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Audio excerpts: Police interview Markoff's ex-fiancée
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Philip Markoff stabbed, suffocated himself

Philip Markoff committed suicide in jail August 15 by repeatedly stabbing himself with a primitive scalpel fashioned out of a pen and a piece of metal and by suffocating himself with a plastic bag cinched around his neck, Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said. (Boston Globe, 8/17/10)

Sheriff defends jail policies after suicide

Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral staunchly defended policies at the Nashua Street Jail and said the suicide of her jail’s highest-profile inmate would not lead to any changes in how detainees are monitored. (Boston Globe, 8/19/10)
Markoff arrested after manhunt


Markoff arrested after manhunt

Philip Markoff was arrested while was driving south on Interstate 95 in Walpole with his fiancee on the way to Foxwoods Casino. (Boston Globe, 4/21/09)

DA says suspect drawn to easy prey

At Philip Markoff's arraignment, authorities accused him of trolling Craigslist for women to rob in hotels. (Boston Globe)
In case, high-tech tip leads to old-school stakeout


In case, high-tech tip leads to old-school stakeout

Boston investigators, including Daniel Duff (left), described how a victim identified Philip Markoff.
(Boston Globe, 04/23/09)

Markoff print found in R.I. attack

As investigators searched for the Craigslist killer in Boston, Philip Markoff was in Warwick, R.I, where he left his fingerprint at the scene of another attack in a hotel, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation. (Boston Globe, 04/25/09)

Gun match in Markoff case

Investigators made a preliminary match between the semiautomatic gun found in Philip Markoff's apartment and the weapon that was used to kill Julissa Brisman.
(Boston Globe, 04/24/09)
Charges conflict with portrait of clean-cut student


Behind suspect's 'perfect life,' a darker side

By most accounts, Philip Markoff's life had all the hallmarks of a solid middle-class existence. But a lab partner who worked closely with him said Markoff was troubled by profound mood swings. (Boston Globe)

'If there were any clues, he hid them well'

At the state university in Albany, Philip Markoff was known for the same discipline and intensity that had made him an academic star in high school. (Boston Globe, 4/26/09)

Dad: Fiancée 'still confident' in Markoff

The father of the woman engaged to the Craigslist killing suspect said she is devastated, but still has confidence in Philip Markoff. (Boston Globe, 4/23/09)

Markoff grandfather: 'He's a wonderful boy'

The grandfather of Philip Markoff said he was 'shocked' by allegations that the young man attacked women he met on Craigslist. (Boston Globe , 4/21/09)
Shooting victim had tried to leave tough past behind


Victim is remembered as devoted to her mother

Julissa Brisman was remembered fondly by family and friends at a wake in New York City, with some noting her particular devotion to her mother. (Boston Globe, 4/23/09)