The tangled web of the MBTA

The MBTA is considered by many to be the most complex mass transit system in the country, a dizzying web of boats, trolleys, subways, buses, and trains that spans two states. Measuring the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this complex operation is a difficult task that goes beyond numbers and price tags. So Globe transportation reporter Noah Bierman and video producer Scott LaPierre set out to experience for themselves the tangle of the MBTA system — in the course of one exhausting day, they rode every type of vehicle the T operates. Here's a look at their experience.

SOURCES: MBTA; US Federal Transit Agency; MBTA Advisory Board
Videos by Scott LaPierre; research by Matt Carroll; graphics and animations by David Schutz, Daigo Fujiwara, David Butler, Aaron Atencio, and James Abundis/Globe Staff