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Malden standoff ends; suspect not found in house

Two other suspects in attempted North End armored car robbery reportedly in custody

FBI prepares to enter house in Malden
FBI officers prepared to enter a house on Pearl Street in Malden where a suspect in the armored truck robbery in the North End was thought to be hidding. (Globe Staff Photo / Matthew J. Lee.)

A home in Malden was stormed by heavily-armed police late today with hopes they would find suspects in an attempted North End of Boston armored car holdup, but they came up empty.

WBZ Radio reported that two other suspects in the attempted robbery were in custody.

For several hours police had sealed off an area of Pearl Street, evacuated homes and locked in students of a nearby school after they suspected that the men could be hiding in the house.

The suspects, who are still being sought by police, had atempted to rob an armored car in front of a Citizens Bank on Hanover Street in Boston.

The Beebe Elementary and Middle School on Pleasant Street in Malden was locked down for about two hours this afternoon with anxious parents waiting outside being assured by officials that the some 800 students inside the school were safe.

Shortly after 4 p.m. students were allowed to go home with parents.

Officials, in piecing together the details of the robbery attempt and the eventual action in Malden indicated three men in a van had approached the Loomis Fargo truck on Hanover Street in front of the Bank across from Mike's Pastry.

At the time the men were reported by witnesses to have been carrying AK-47's. Police said they were all dressed in black clothing.

It was not immediately determined what caused the men to suddenly flee the scene but a short distance away they abandoned their vehicle and fled in a red Buick car which was later found in Everett.

It was reported a third vehicle, a Ford Econoline van, was used to take the men to Pearl street which later was surrounded by a large number of city and state police.

In sealing off the area police were reported to have asked people in nearby homes and businesses to evacuate.

Trains on the MBTA Orange Line were also delayed for a time.

As far as can be determined no money was taken in the attempted robbery and there have been no injuries reported.

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