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Black clergy statement on marriage

Feb. 06, 2004

It is with a clear conscience that the Black Ministerial Alliance adds our voice to those speaking on the subject of marriage. We believe our voices are critical to the debate because of who we are and whom we represent. We are Christians with a faith that was forged from a uniquely American experience. As Black religious leaders we speak from our theological, historical and ethical understanding of the institution of marriage.


We believe marriage to be a unique covenant established between a man and a woman. Our understanding of marriage is fundamentally rooted in our beliefs. It is a tenet seminal to Christianity, other faith traditions and also secular society. The marriage covenant is both a religious and social contract. It is the primary basis for the establishment of the rules of social engagement and community.

We acknowledge the pain and suffering of the men and women in the gay and lesbian community who are in long term relationships. However, given the most recent opinion of the Supreme Judicial Court eliminating the possibility of Civil Unions, we support the call for a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman.

The Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston, Inc.

The Boston Ten Point Coalition

The Cambridge Black Pastors Conference

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