Newton police detail costs

The following is a list of Newton Police Department employees who earned detail pay between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008. Source: City of Newton
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Employee Name Rank Detail earnings ($)
Abbruzzese, Michael D Police Officer30537.50
Adam, Russell GPolice Officer14535.00
Allen, Paul EPolice Officer4360.00
Anastasia, Paul D Police Captain13188.00
Anderson, Nils APolice Officer38655.00
Annese, Kenneth Police Sergeant34182.50
Apotheker, Bruce M Police Lieutenant14571.00
Babcock, John JPolice Officer54635.50
Bartinelli Jr., John JPolice Lieutenant33357.31
Bartinelli, LaurenPolice Officer9214.33
Bellevue, Michelle RPolice Officer18485.00
Benes, Richard FPolice Officer3211.00
Berube, Dennis PPolice Sergeant16046.00
Bianchi, Paul APolice Officer15486.00
Boudreau, Alfred FPolice Lieutenant33848.00
Boudreau, Edward JPolice Captain17510.00
Boudreau, Jeffrey EPolice Officer53570.26
Boudreau, MichaelPolice Officer41233.50
Boudrot, Edward APolice Officer27118.00
Bradley, Richard WPolice Officer1962.00
Burke, James LPolice Officer21983.00
Cahoon, Kenneth APolice Sergeant2583.00
Chieu, Raymond HPolice Officer5599.00
Chisholm, Glenn CPolice Sergeant23669.50
Claflin Jr., JohnPolice Officer49050.83
Claflin, GeorgePolice Officer24654.00
Cloonan, Thomas MPolice Officer1080.00
Colella, Matthew W Police Officer39136.50
Coney, KimPolice Officer25491.00
Cosgrove, Kathleen MPolice Officer17395.75
Cottens, StephenPolice Officer22197.00
Cummings, Matthew APolice Captain1300.00
Cupoli, Kevin APolice Sergeant32469.00
Curry, CarolynPolice Officer468.00
Daly, John MPolice Officer35863.75
Dangelo, KennethPolice Lieutenant8239.00
Dempsey, Steven FPolice Officer35905.50
Destefano, Thomas SPolice Officer22784.00
Devine, Daniel PPolice Officer33865.75
Doheny, Michael EPolice Officer24911.00
Donovan, Robert GPolice Lieutenant21338.00
Doucette, DamienPolice Officer38057.00
Dowling, Dennis PPolice Lieutenant26549.50
Dwyer, Michael JPolice Officer11889.00
Edrehi, Charles JPolice Officer44648.00
Eldridge, Frank SPolice Sergeant13984.50
Emmanuel, Steven CPolice Officer20108.17
Fleming, Donald FPolice Officer15953.50
Flood, Mark HPolice Officer17226.00
Foley, Francis XPolice Sergeant25775.00
Fontano, StephenPolice Officer8610.50
Gabriel, AdamPolice Officer41236.00
Gassett, Linda DPolice Officer10195.00
Geagan Jr., Thomas FPolice Officer25681.00
Geary, DennisPolice Sergeant40434.50
Geary, JohnPolice Officer5110.50
Gourdeau, Jo AnnePolice Officer13189.50
Grennon, John WPolice Sergeant3444.00
Gromada, MarcPolice Captain29714.00
Harris, Glenn APolice Officer27861.00
Healy, DeclanPolice Officer11636.85
Healy, SeanPolice Officer38729.00
Hill Jr., Robert TPolice Officer29465.00
Hill, Gregory MPolice Officer18953.00
Iarossi, Michael APolice Officer24340.33
Keefe, RobertPolice Officer44476.42
Kelly Jr., JosephPolice Officer24063.00
Koerber, PeterPolice Officer30803.00
Korzeniowski, MichaelPolice Officer18096.50
Lavalle, Edward J Police Officer6159.50
Lee Jr., BobPolice Officer17472.00
Leitch, Bradford LPolice Officer27598.00
Leone, CharlesPolice Sergeant20201.29
Mace, Jeffrey WPolice Officer22237.75
MacNair, ChristopherPolice Officer21990.00
Mahoney, Gerard FPolice Lieutenant14129.00
Manouk, KimberlyPolice Officer10347.42
Marchand, Scott DPolice Officer33905.00
Marini, RoccoPolice Officer23678.00
Marino, Kenneth JPolice Officer4753.00
Marzilli, ChristopherPolice Captain17073.50
McCarthy, James PPolice Officer68279.50
McCarthy, Thomas JPolice Officer28862.50
McLaughlin, Joseph TPolice Officer27411.50
McLean, SeanPolice Officer36948.00
McMains, George RPolice Sergeant3140.00
McSweeney, MichaelPolice Officer21028.00
Mead, George EPolice Sergeant44578.00
Mikoleit, Lisa APolice Officer21634.00
Mintz, HowardPolice Captain1820.00
Nardelli, DanielPolice Officer810.00
Norcross, James IPolice Sergeant4196.50
Osman, BarakPolice Officer30261.00
O'Brien, Dennis JPolice Officer33636.00
O'Brien, JamesPolice Officer1906.00
O'Connell, John PPolice Officer11636.00
O'Loughlin, James MPolice Officer27358.00
Paglia, RichardPolice Officer2036.00
Paglia, Robert FPolice Officer405.00
Panica III, John FPolice Officer27156.00
Pasciuto, Stephen PPolice Officer2372.00
Pellegrine, James Assistant Dog Officer20902.18
Powell, Tyrone DPolice Officer40248.50
Raymond, Zachary SPolice Officer38594.50
Robinson, DavidPolice Officer42835.50
Rooney, Melanie APolice Sergeant21363.00
Rosenbaum, Eric MPolice Officer9023.00
Rudd, KevinPolice Sergeant32312.00
Rufo, Lawrence TPolice Officer32542.00
Sampson, Robert FPolice Officer765.00
Scaltreto, Francis PPolice Officer28945.00
Schaefer, David M Police Officer23665.78
Setiabudi, GitaPolice Officer5935.00
Shea, John GPolice Sergeant14130.00
Sheehan, June PPolice Officer9107.50
Soloman Jr., Alan RPolice Officer26592.00
Spalding, William L Police Sergeant...4632.28
Spirito, David JPolice Officer23762.50
Sturniolo, JosephPolice Sergeant1078.00
Sullivan, Daniel SPolice Officer32453.47
Tempesta, David EPolice Lieutenant44932.17
Torres, RalphPolice Officer27401.00
Tramontozzi, Gerald MPolice Officer10666.50
Umina, Steven APolice Officer28019.00
Valente, DanielPolice Officer32224.50
Wade, MichaelPolice Officer4490.00
Wallace, BrianPolice Officer810.00
Walsh, Daniel JPolice Sergeant11931.00
Walsh, Thomas PPolice Officer7319.50
Webb, David PPolice Officer13737.50
Wilson, JeremyPolice Officer11216.00