Variety speak The Boston Globe
Think you know show biz? Here's a quiz to test your fluency in the Hollywood patois propagated by the insiders at Variety, the legendary entertainment trade that celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Match the ''slanguage'' in the left column to the definition in the right. Answers at the bottom.
1. ducats

2. yakker

3. legit

4. mitting

5. boffo or socko

6. B.O.

7. oater

8. sprocket opera

9. hoofer

10. to lense

11. solon

12. ink

13. ozoner

14. prexy

15. chopsocky
a. a dancer

b. president of a studio or company

c. a TV talk show

d. live theater

e. to sign a contract

f. a martial arts film

g. outstanding

h. box office ticket sales

i. a film festival

j. to film a movie

k. tickets

l. an expert

m. applause

n. a drive-in movie theatre

o. a Western
QUIZ ANSWERS: 1k, 2c, 3d, 4m, 5g, 6h, 7o, 8i, 9a, 10j, 11l, 12e, 13n, 14b, 15f