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Allston needs a stronger fence

NATIONALLY, more than 14,000 people are killed and one million injured each year in run-off road accidents. Allston residents have been warned by Turnpike officials about the dangers of snow plowed from the Pike's new breakdown lane onto Lincoln Street (''After storm, Pike faces complaints," City & Region, Dec. 13).

The wood fence that the Turnpike built this year is not strong enough to block plowed snow -- sections of this fence came crashing down after this season's first snow. It should therefore be replaced with a wall able to protect us from both these dangers. The new wall should be tall enough to block plowed snow and strong enough to prevent a crash on the Turnpike from ending up in someone's front yard.

My neighbors and I are not asking for a sound barrier to be built now. In 2004 the Turnpike spent $12 million to build a safe barrier between the eastbound and westbound lanes of traffic. We are only asking that Turnpike authorities be as serious about the safety of people who live near the road as it is about the safety of people who drive on it.


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