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A disappointed D.C. protester

SO I TRAVEL for eight hours overnight on a noisy, uncomfortable bus to join a massive antiwar protest in D.C. on Saturday, conservatively estimated as a crowd of 100,000 (and more, probably), and then, after miles of marching and another eight-hour ride back, I pick up The Sunday Globe and read a story on our protest on Page A6, just above a story of almost equal length about a couple of hundred counterprotesters.

And lo, in Monday's Globe, there, given significant prominence, is a story on Page A2 with a picture about one-third the size of the page, ''400 rally in support of troops, against protesters."

So there it is. Fair and balanced: 400 vs. 100,000. And the 400 get equal treatment. Oh, and by the way, every single one of the antiwar protesters support the troops. It's the immoral, criminal Bush war policies we oppose. Never mind the liberal/conservative dichotomy; just give us honest reporting and fairness.


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