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Saddam Hussein wasn't responsible for 9/11

SO SADDAM Hussein has been captured. We will now hear the Bush administration and a sycophantic press endlessly tell us that this justifies all our actions in Iraq in the war on terrorism. They'll leave out a few pesky facts. Saddam Hussein is not Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks; there's no evidence Hussein had anything to do with them.Iraq's ties to Al Qaeda were made up by the Bush administration. US intelligence told Bush in October 2002 there were no ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda while Bush was telling us the opposite.


No weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq. Lest we forget, the compelling reason given to invade Iraq was that Saddam had an arsenal of weapons poised to use against us or give to terrorists. All those strident claims were false.

Our soldiers are now being killed daily in a war Bush declared over in May. The US tax dollars spent on this misadventure could have solved all our health care and education problems. Much of our money has gone to defense contractors with close ties to the White House.

The invasion of Iraq was sold to the public as being part of the war on terrorism, but it appears to be a costly detour from that, and it has made us all less -- not more -- secure. In an Oct. 16 article in The Guardian, British intelligence and the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies warned that the Iraq war has swollen the ranks of Al Qaeda. Isn't the point of doing something about terrorism to do something intelligent that decreases the risk of terrorist attacks?



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