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College editor fights for newspaper

WASHINGTON --Editions of a student newspaper that featured a front-page story about crime at Catholic University were removed from a news rack outside the school's admissions office, the paper's editors say.

The school hosted hundreds of potential new students Friday when the newspaper, the Tower, ran a story about a recent wave of violent robberies and carjackings, some of which happened on the school's campus.

"We knew that people weren't going to be exactly excited about the fact that our lead story was going to be about the crime on campus," 21-year-old Editor in Chief Kate McGovern said.

But what surprised her was that one of her editors learned that about 100 papers had been removed from the newspaper rack near the admissions office.

McGovern said two other editors inquired about the missing papers, and were told that they must have been taken by readers.

When McGovern went to the admissions office and asked about them, she was given a stack of roughly 20 and told that the rest would be put back on Monday.

University spokesman Victor Nakas denied that the school was trying to hide the fact that crimes had happened on campus.

He told The Washington Post that there were plenty of other places to get the newspaper on campus, even if they were removed from the one rack by the admissions office.

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