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Boston Marathon history

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 Johnny Kelley (1907-2004)

Boston Marathon champions

The Boston Marathon began in 1897 as a race for men only. By the mid-1960s women began appearing, though they could not compete officially until 1972. Later in the 1970s, divisions were added for wheelchairs and for various age groups of runners. The last change in the official makeup of the field occurred in 1990, when a division for visually impaired women was added.

* Men's open champions

* Women's open champions

* Men's masters champions (over age 40)

* Women's masters champions (over age 40)

* Men's veterans champions (age 51-59)

* Women's veterans champions (age 51-59)

* Men's seniors champions (age 60+)

* Women's seniors champions (age 60+)

* Men's wheelchair champions

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* Men's visually impaired champions

* Women's visually impaired champions