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In the spirit of giving… give love

Posted by Lara Salahi December 23, 2013 11:40 AM

As I sit here writing this, I’m thinking to myself – should I run out and get my husband that one last thing I think he needs? Or how about that toy that all the moms swear by? Should I let Santa know that my daughter would love it?

I’m not going to budge. 


What New Parents Want Visitors to Know

Posted by Lara Salahi July 29, 2013 11:58 AM

You've carried. You've labored. You've delivered. And you're finally home. 

Now comes the hard part for many first-time parents:

The first two weeks of parenthood.

The first two weeks of parenthood can also mean the first two weeks of grandparenthood. And auntiehood. And unclehood. And Godparenthood. Everything is new new new for parents and eager friends and family members. So begins the rush of incessant calls, surprise visits, and constant monitoring of the new family’s every move as if the baby is here for a limited time only and that date is about to expire.

While the experience might be all excitement and smiles for many taking on these new roles, it’s likely to bring on anxiety for a new mother in the throes of recovering after giving birth. 

The rush along with a new mother's surge of hormones that can bring on volatile waves of emotions --  magnified, of course, by the lack of sleep -- can make some mothers feel like they’re losing control.

To all those who mean well, us new mommies love you. We need you. We know you’re excited. But here’s what we really need you to understand: 


To Fathers, On Father's Day

Posted by Lara Salahi June 16, 2013 07:42 AM

Dear fathers,

We know you probably hate Hallmark holidays.

Fear not.

We don’t plan to shove a lifetime of praise for your role into one day. Nor do we plan to load your man cave with tchotchkes to remind you of what a great father you may be.
Your gift today is to know how only one word can sum up how important you are to your family.


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Lara Salahi is an award-winning multimedia journalist whose specialty is reporting health and medical stories. She has worked in local, network, and cable television, international print, and documentary film. She More »

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