25 Most Stylish Bostonians of 2010 -- Dr. William T. Curry Jr.

William Curry Dr. William Curry photographed at the Liberty Hotel Bboston (Globe photo / Yoon S. Byun)
November 18, 2010

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Name: Dr. William Curry Jr.

Age: 38

Occupation: Neurosurgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital who was prominently featured as a hero and heartthrob on the ABC show “Boston Med’’ this summer.

Residence: South End.

Define your style. You’re wearing a blazer for us, but in your down time, are you a blazer guy? A sweatshirt guy? A scrubs-with-Snoopy-characters-on-them guy? I don’t think that my style can be defined by a single item or type of clothing. I tend to wear suits to work because it’s time-efficient and they’re comfortable. While I want the look to be organized and crisp, I don’t want the clothes to be noticed, necessarily. My default on a weekend is a plain T-shirt during the day and something comfortable I can chase my kids around in. Style is more a matter of how you carry and feel about yourself than what you happen to be wearing at any given moment.

What were your first thoughts when you saw the show? Did you have any idea they were going to give you that much air time? And portray you as a hospital heartthrob? I saw it for the first time when everyone else did; I had no idea or preconceptions about what would be on or how much I would be featured. I knew that the ABC News team had spent a tremendous amount of time with me for four months and had captured the experiences of a number of patients that I had treated. I was amazed at how insightful and eloquent all of the patients and families had been about their journeys. I must have missed the heartthrob part. . .

You get a lot of Obama comparisons in the episode. That’s a good thing, right? For me or for him? I certainly support President Obama. He needs a lot of help right now getting through the next couple of years. We were filming in the months right after his inauguration, so his popularity had probably just crested, and the first family still had “media idol’’ status, so, in general, it was nice. Still, we really don’t bear much resemblance other that the fact that we’re African-American men who occasionally wear suits. Any comparison, though, is an honor.

How many people sought you out for treatment based on the show? Talk about good advertising. It’s hard to quantify because we were pretty busy even before then, and it’s only been a few months. People have definitely reached out from all over the world. Sometimes, after the end of a consultation, patients will blurt out — “By the way, we saw you on TV, and you’re right . . . you don’t really look like Obama!’’

Let’s say you get to bring one outfit to a desert island. What do you bring? I presume the island is in the tropics? T-shirt, Bermuda shorts, and flip-flops. To keep in shape, I can run barefoot on the beach.

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