25 Most Stylish Bostonians of 2010 -- Ace Gershfield

Ace Gershfield (Globe photo / Dina Rudick)
By Luke O'Neil
November 18, 2010

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Ace Gershfield

Age: 31

Occupation: President of 6one7 Productions; co-owner of Stoddard’s Fine Food & Ale and District Restaurant & Lounge

Residence: Boston

Do you consider yourself to be a stylish person? Yes, I do find myself to be a stylish person. I think I need to be in order to stand out in my business, especially in the nightlife aspect. Your style is your signature. It sells you before you even have the opportunity to say a word to anyone.

How many pairs of sneakers do you own? I probably own 75 pairs of sneakers, give or take a few. I’ve been donating a lot of them lately. My hat collection is quite impressive as well, it’s reached the 100-plus mark. Why the need for so many? Variety, of course. Maybe it’s a Celtics game and you need a different shade of green, or just a pair that almost looks like a dress shoe but is a sneaker. Comfort is a big thing when you have a long night ahead on your feet.

You spend a lot of time in clubs, what’s the fresh look right now? I don’t find there to be a single “fresh look’’ as much as just people coming to the clubs with a more overall sense of style lately. I feel like we in Boston have always been behind the curve compared to LA, New York City, and Miami. They all have pretty relaxed dress codes because people come dressed with style and they make that extra effort, be it a T-shirt or a button-down, they are creative with their looks. I mean, when you are single and going out to meet someone, dance, or just have a drink with friends, why not dress the part and make an effort? Stick out a little bit. That’s the key overall. Don’t be a scrub and just roll out of bed and expect to get into the best clubs. Unless, of course, you really are a rock star.

What’s something you’d be happy to never see again? I can’t express how glad I am that we are past the shiny shirts with rhinestones. The Ed Hardy and Affliction look is just so, so cheesy and played out. Some people still try to wear the overly exuberant graphic T-shirts into the club and this forces us to institute a “collared shirt and dress shoe’’ policy. I can finally see again. That was the absolute only reason to ever wear your sunglasses in the club before.

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