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Talking health to men

The differences between men and women go beyond anatomy and physiology. One very important one is the way men and women take in, process, and use health information. Joe Zoske, MS, MSW, says gender is a component of health literacy and cultural competence. (4/8/09)

Hospice House needs support

The fulfillment of a dream is never attained simply through wanting. Patience, hard work, perseverance, and, most importantly, the commitment of believers is what turns a dream into reality. (3/25/09)
A spotlight on the professions
April 2009 has been declared the first-ever National Safe Handling Awareness Month, which will focus on the need for increased awareness of safe handling, given the known risks associated with exposure to hazardous drugs (such as chemotherapy agents). (3/13/09)
The lifesaver bridge The lifesaver bridge
The advanced practice nurses in the urgent and emergent care departments of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston are the definition of "lifesavers." (3/6/09)
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Interview With...
Marjorie 'Kitsy' Mayo, RN, MM, OCN CAP III Marjorie "Kitsy" Mayo, RN, MM, OCN CAP III
Marjorie "Kitsy" Mayo has been employed at Jordan Hospital for 31 years. She started in pediatrics and later worked for 17 years in oncology. (1/22/09)
Letter from the editor
Joe Saling On Call's 12th year, part 1
This week marks the beginning of On Call's 12th year of publication. (3/6/09)
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