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 Latest coverage

April 7
Vt. church in record settlement

March 14
In Albany, bishop profile raised
Book Review: Guard of lies

February 28
Church hierarchy faulted
More than 80% of victims male

February 27
Diocese gives abuse data
Abuse peaked in '60s
2d man to aid Dupre case

February 26
Alleged victim to aid probe

February 24
Sniezyk clarifies his remarks

February 23
Prelate: Harm unrecognized

February 21
Springfield report questioned

February 20
Lawyer: Sermon riled accuser

February 17
4% of priests in US accused

February 12
Bishop resigns after claims

February 6
Arlington priest cited in suit

Earlier stories

Spotlight Report

Following is a list of older stories on the widening scope of the sexual abuse scandal. More recent stories are listed in the column to the left.

January 19, 2004
Accused Conn. priest resigns

January 14, 2004
Priest left US after admission

October 19
Vt. diocese called slow to act

September 30
Comment on records denied

September 20
Bishop asks to be deposed

September 17
Church limits access to records
Ruined files spark allegation

August 24
O'Malley puts priests on leave

August 2
Book sheds new light on saint

July 26
Priest disputes O'Malley

July 24
Lieutenants scorned in report

July 12
Ex-leaders said to hide data

July 2
Mission posting defended

March 12
Priest, Law testimonies differ

March 8
Tucson bishop resigns

March 4
N.H. report lambastes diocese

February 28
Cleric's alleged deeds ignored

February 12
Priest admitted abuse

February 12
Priest's note kept from victim

February 7
Board dismissed accusations

February 5
Lennon gave advice on priest
Police warned church on priest
Deacon hired over Law protest

February 1
Lawyers find more priest files

January 31, 2003
Records on 10 clergy released
Priest details longtime affair

January 30, 2003
Total of accused reaches 130

January 26, 2003
Bishop often sided with priests

January 25, 2003
Couple charged with extortion
Victims' lawyer broke R.I. code

January 23, 2003
Ryan suit OK'd for trial

January 22, 2003
Incorrect name tied to charge

January 18, 2003
Priest, 72, placed on leave
New documents are graphic

January 17, 2003
Priest discussed leaving order

January 15
Archdiocese knew of suit

January 9
N.H. bishop's actions detailed

January 1
Paquin receives 12-15 years
Flood of Calif. abuse suits seen
Suit charges church coverup

 2 0 0 2 

December 31
N.H. priest a presumed suicide

December 28
Foster's accuser renews case

December 20
Church, accusers struck deals

December 19
'84 letters show fear of scandal

December 18
Files show church's deference

December 17
Files on more priests released

December 14
Patterns of abuse nationwide
Scandal takes a toll worldwide
Admission damning for Law
Memo cited in case from '90s

December 13
Records show more abuses

December 12
Files detail cardinal's actions

December 12
Files detail cardinal's actions
Reilly: Church impedes probe

December 10
Files show cardinal acting

December 6
Cleric had children, kept status

December 4
More sex abuse, secrecy cases
Priest invoked religion for sex
Records show trail of deception
Life of a violent S. Shore priest
Letters of warning ignored

November 26
Judge finds church records, Law's testimony at odds

November 23
Church tries to block file access

November 22
Bishop sued by former student

November 14
Abuse allegation against nun

November 11
Abuse roils Ireland's church

November 9
Despite support, pastor resigns

November 4
Congregation backs minister

November 1
Accused pastor is protected

October 30
Priest reportedly was coached

October 29
Bishop Daily testifies of regret on Shanley

October 17
3 ex-altar boys allege abuse

September 30
Stigmatine priest sued in case

September 19
Suit alleges 50-year coverup
Former teacher to be arraigned

September 18
Ex-coach to face sex charges

September 16
Dalton parish told of sex probe

September 15
Sex allegations rock Argentina

September 13
Records show more coverups
Priest arraigned on rape charge

September 10
Lowell priest is suspended

September 4
Diocese releases priest's files

August 29
Rape charges may be too late
Four Detroit priests charged

August 28
Priest faces charges of rape
Two more priests suspended

August 27
Two more alleged victims sue

August 23
Mahan depicted as a high risk

August 20
Ariz. case implicates bishop

August 19
Accused priest placed on leave

August 17
Suit alleges abuse by 2 priests

August 16
Church to meet on charge
Cleric faces molest charges

August 15
Franciscan brother charged
Priest pleads not guilty

August 14
Law says he didn't scrutinize priests' files

August 12
Priest denies allegation

August 10
Abuse alleged in Wellesley

August 9
Cambridge priest indicted

August 3
Allegation in Hudson

July 31
Vicar was warned about priest

July 30
Brooklyn priest suspended

July 26
Winchester pastor accused

July 19
Other faiths report abuse

July 18
Rehab center director charged

July 13
Bishop denies abuse charges

June 27
Two pastors removed

June 13
Memo doubts slowed case

June 7
Abuse experts say Law rejected advice

June 5
Allegations known, files show
Memos reveal trail of charges
Inaction followed charges
On defensive, Law pleaded ignorance
Counsel-seeker claims abuse

June 1
Pastor removed from his post

May 30
Church keeps Rochester priest
Records: Law reassigned Paquin after settlements

May 29
Two men file suit against priest

May 25
Church places pastor on leave

May 24
Wis. archbishop asks to retire

May 19
Scandal roils Hong Kong

May 18
School says was told of charge
Cardinal promoted alleged sex abuser

May 15
Law recommended fired dean for teaching job

May 17
Abuse claims in South Africa

May 16
Archdiocese denies report
Former priest indicted

May 15
Baltimore priest shot
Victims recall abuse by priest

May 9
Paquin held on bail

May 8
Paquin held in rape case

May 7
Youth home priest accused

May 6
Congress holds its tongue

May 4
Judge defends staying

April 28
Monsignor Ryan resigns

April 24
Reardon supervisor scrutinized

April 23
Parent alleges deterring

April 21
Daily praised accused priest

April 20
Bishop leaves abuse panel

April 19
Suits allege abuse by Jesuits

April 14
Attorneys foresee more suits

April 12
Law aides ignored complaints

April 11
Suit ties boy's death to abuse

April 9
Shanley's behavior long ignored

April 8
US view of scandal not shared
Boston diocese gave letter of assurance about Shanley

April 6
Former student accuses priest

April 4
Dozens more allege abuse

April 3
Priests treated in secret world

April 2
Accused N.Y. priest arrested
Irish bishop quits over scandal

March 29
Polish archbishop steps down

March 27
Accusers name more clergy

March 26
Medeiros charge called smear

March 25
State action on priest fell short
Abuse by Medeiros alleged

March 24
Suit names church, bishop
Egan denies abuse coverup
Egan self-defense greeted skeptically

March 23
Springfield priest cites cost for speaking out.

March 22
Settlement confirmed in Minn.
Vice chancellor named in suit

March 21
Claim: Abuse report ignored
Police chaplain admits abuse

March 22, 2002
Settlement confirmed in Minn.
Vice chancellor named in suit

March 21, 2002
Claim: Abuse report ignored
Police chaplain admits abuse

March 20, 2002
Abuse at treatment center
R.I. priest was accused before

March 19, 2002
Priest stands by accusation
Former bishop named in suit

March 18, 2002
Suits name Worcester bishop

March 17, 2002
Maine school struggles to deal with sex abuse issue

March 16, 2002
Priest abuse cases slow to settle in R.I.

March 14, 2002
Police report causes alarm
Ex-Mass. bishop accused of ignoring abuse in NYC

March 9, 2002
Bishop resigns in Fla. over charges

March 6, 2002
BC High suspends priest accused of student molestation
Abuse alleged at Xaverian in 1970s

March 5, 2002
2 Jesuits face allegations in scandal

March 2, 2002
5 Reardon victims file suits

February 26, 2002
Albany bishop kept priests employed, supervised

February 24, 2002
Hundreds now claim priest abuse
Church cloaked in culture of silence

February 23, 2002
Lowell priest quietly removed
Philadelphia inquiry finds evidence of 50 abuse cases

February 21, 2002
Abington priest removed in new sex abuse case

February 20, 2002
Allegations surface vs. Abington pastor

February 19, 2002
Priest abuse case eluded Law's reforms

February 16, 2002
Priest abuse cases sealed by judges
N.H. priests accused of abuse named

February 13, 2002
Woman says church ignored her outcries

February 8, 2002
6 more priests removed on allegations of abuse

February 3, 2002
Two priests ousted after abuse cited
Parish responds with gasps of disbelief

February 2, 2002
Priest said he asked about Reardon, documents show

February 1, 2002
Middleton priest is located

January 31, 2002
Scores of priests involved in sex abuse cases
Priest says church sought to cover up suit against him
Church gives names of accused priests

January 28, 2002
Church settled 6 suits vs. priest

January 27, 2002
Archdiocese said to have been told about Reardon

January 26, 2002
Priest says he, too, molested boys

January 24, 2002
Officials avoided confronting priest
Documents: Church long supported Geoghan
Letters exhibit gentle approach

January 16, 2002
Priest is accused of raping girl

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