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 Latest coverage

April 2
Springfield bishop apologizes

March 19
Priests named to guide church

March 10
New bishops for two dioceses

February 24
Sniezyk clarifies his remarks

February 23
Prelate: Harm unrecognized

January 15, 2004
O'Malley vows to help victims

January 11, 2004
Study faults Melkite church

January 7, 2004
Audit finds safeguards working
Boston's inquiry presses on
Agents faced reluctant aides

January 6, 2004
Church could defrock priests

November 30
Morrisey reflects on scandal

November 20
Policies on VOTF reconsidered

NOvember 13
Bishops affirm sex teachings

Earlier stories

Spotlight Report

Following is a list of older stories on the Catholic church's response to the sexual abuse scandal. More recent stories are listed in the column to the left.

NOvember 10
Bishop: Church turns corner

October 9
Group offers to review cases

October 3
Bishop opposes gay marriage

September 29
Pope leaves O'Malley off his list

September 28
Therapy guidelines questioned
Cardinal talk includes O'Malley

September 27
O'Malley pick for charity hailed
O'Malley may become cardinal

September 26
Church to review allegations

September 22
Openness vowed on policy

September 18
Meeting ban at parish is lifted

September 15
O'Malley at 1st Mass since deal

September 10
O'Malley makes an appeal

September 6
Cleric calls settlements 'critical'

September 4
O'Malley to meet with plaintiffs

August 31
Church to fund care of victim

August 20
US bishops plan a gathering

August 10
O'Malley visits hard-hit church

August 9
O'Malley offers $55m settlement
Archbishop will leave mansion

August 1
Vatican warns on gay marriage
O'Malley picks new lawyer

July 31
A new leader reaches out
Text of O'Malley's homily
Humor, devotion in homily
Sandwiches were bill of fare

July 30
Rites, challenges await O'Malley
To O'Malley, in their own words
Many at work behind the scenes

July 29
Parishes replenish from abroad

July 28
Capuchins go beyond friary

July 27
O'Malley's path of conviction

July 26
O'Malley ready for new job

July 24
Church reiterates commitment

July 23
New Fall River bishop installed

July 11
Bishops seek private opinions

July 6
O'Malley reflects a change

July 3
Low-key installation planned

July 2
O'Malley offers plea, pledge
Franciscan in eye of the storm
O'Malley has intellect, mission
O'Malley faces many challenges
Local needs drove selection

July 1
Fla. bishop likely new leader

June 23
Laity heading more colleges

June 22
Bishop urges suits' conclusion

June 20
Bishops: Abuse crisis exploited
US bishops may hold council
Lennon: Settlement possible

June 19
Events put bishops in spotlight

June 17
Openness of bishops at issue
Text of Keating, Gregory letters

June 16
Keating to quit abuse board
Reardon victims still await help

June 14
Bishop hits Keating remarks

June 9
Bishop: Move is 'speculation'

June 8
Archbishop choice imminent

June 2
Gay-rights activists leave Mass

May 31
Archdiocese releases policy

May 29
Priests asked to fight gay union

May 25
Church insiders feel left out

May 23
N.H. church, victims reach deal

May 8
Spokeswoman leaves her job

April 26
Church begins fund-raising

April 18
Lennon renews vow for healing

April 16
Lennon appeals to priests

April 9
Charity to take Voice donation

April 2
Charities weighs accepting gift

April 1
Church refuses group's money

March 21
Candidate blames secrecy

March 21
'Nightmare' for spokeswoman

March 18
A plea for peace and healing

March 14
Lennon speaks in the suburbs

March 12
Bishop won't lift ban on group
Conn. bishop resignation OK'd

March 11
Lennon, lay group set to meet

March 6
Bishop calls Lent 'healing' time

March 5
Accused clergy still in parishes

March 1
Church seeks to restrict lawyer

February 27
Pope moves on abusive clergy

February 25
Lennon plans 'healing' initiative

February 24
Wayland priest is reinstated

February 17
Priest castigates Springfield diocese for abuse dealings

February 16
Lennon's rise to the chancery

February 14
Second priest cleared of abuse

January 25
Watchdog OK with depositions

January 23
Watchdog to meet with church

January 18
Lawyer argues for dismissals

January 17
Victims' therapists questioned

January 14
Lennon sends priests bulletin

January 13
Lennon visits Waltham parish

January 13
Lennon visits Waltham parish

December 19
Lennon to push for settlement

December 18
Church press downplays Law
Lennon to outline his goals
Bishop faults group's donation

December 17
Lay group's donation accepted
Final OK given to abuse policy

December 16
Lennon vows to seek healing

December 15
Lennon likely to address crisis

December 14
Rare speed displayed by Rome
Pope's choice to get scrutiny
Lennon called skilled manager

December 12
Files of wrong priest released

December 10
Gay comments worry bishops

December 5
Law imposes curb on parish

November 29
Some question Vatican's role

November 25
Ouster of gay points up issues

November 25
Ouster of gay points up issues

November 18
Cleared priest returns to altar

November 15
Debating limits of forgiveness

November 14
US bishops OK revised policy
Bishops' work just beginning

November 12
Bishop raps critics of sex policy

November 10
Bishops gather on reforms

November 9
Monitor favors police tipoffs

November 6
Gay seminarian ban weighed

November 5
Mandate to report clergy altered

November 2
Bishops: Policy not weakened

November 1
Monsignor questions policies

October 31
Vatican, bishops agree on rules
Archdiocese reinstates Foster

October 26
Critic's speech is canceled

October 24
Skeptics sit on panel for abuse

October 20
Hopes for Vatican compromise

October 19
Bishops hopeful on policy
Changes in canon law possible
Law: Boston rules will endure

October 11
Problems in policy foreseen
Lay group, Law at odds

October 8
Panel calls for abuse registry

October 5
Keating questions group ban
Archdiocese eyes prevention

October 1
Bishop bans group from parish

September 30
Law meets with priests' council

September 27
R.I. panel has no abuse victim

September 25
Legal rights for priests are eyed

September 24
Worcester calls off subpoena

September 23
Church hit on pace of probes

September 16
Silence greets dissenting views
BC opens campus to debate

September 15
Church reverses return of priest

September 12
Church clears Foster of abuse
Deacon to lead advocacy office

September 8
Protection of priests is urged

September 4
Mass. bishop takes over in Fla.

August 25
Crisis tests church doctrine

August 16
Groups decry film about priests

August 11
Orders OK abuse plan

August 10
Leader criticizes bishops
Okla. governor admonished

August 9
Orders won't oust priests

August 4
Germany rejects criticism

August 3
Bishops propose rare council
Bankruptcy an option for Church

July 31
Lay person to oversee policy
Review group meets victims
Pope to visit Mexico City

July 30
Victims say policy not enforced

July 29
Pope speaks of abuse scandal
Mixed reaction to pope's words

July 28
When religion, media face off

July 27
Law affirms church doctrine

July 25
Judge asked to reconsider
Priests' fates handled locally

July 24
Pope brings message of hope

July 23
Pope heads to North America

June 28
Archdiocese cuts aid to schools

June 22
Review of new rules not set

June 16
Bishops' task: regaining trust

June 15
Bishops move to bar abusers

June 14
Apologies sent, policy sought
Vatican approval expected
Globe punished for story

June 13
Bishops' accountability debated

June 9
Scholars say prayer not enough

June 8
Theologians urge debate

June 5
Proposals help start debate

June 4
Bishops mull ousting abusers

June 2
Priest screening is tightened

June 1
New goals for church

May 31
Jesuit journal wraps media
Pastors' comments discussed

May 29
Bush weighs in on scandal
Church investigator quits post

May 19
US bishops vow cooperation

May 18
Law backs report on abuse
Baltimore cardinal voices regret

May 16
Seminarians get an apology

May 15
Changes unfold at The Pilot

May 9
Profile of Donna Morrissey

April 28
Policies reult in confusion
Seminarians follow debate

April 26
Nuns seek more voice in Rome

April 25
Cardinals offer abuse policy
Analysis: Some disappointed
Lay leaders express caution
Catholic media covers crisis

April 24
Pope calls sex abuse a crime

April 23
Law's future on minds
Discordant cultures to meet
Bush adviser optimistic

April 21
Pontiff reaffirms celibacy rules

April 20
Catholic leaders hit coverage
Talks to include wider issues

April 18
Obstacles faced at summit

April 16
Pope summons US cardinals

April 14
Bishop sees scandal benefits
Abuse panel to continue work

April 13
Hand of Rome seen in letter

April 1
Catholic leaders debate cure

March 22
Pope decries 'sins' of priests

March 20
Panel ponders church's future

March 19
How Dallas church recovered

March 17
Adolescents focus of abuse
Panel says it will seek change

March 16
Law: 'Confusion' over editorial

March 15
Pilot urges look at celibacy

March 14
'Help line' to aid abuse victims

March 13
Handling of abuse questioned

March 12
Church tries to protect records

March 10
Lay leaders urge reforms

March 9, 2002
Paper to focus on abuse

March 8, 2002
Law adds top specialists to abuse prevention panel

March 7, 2002
BC High to set up victim hot line

March 4, 2002
Church's inquiry on abuse broadens
Vatican stance on gay clergy criticized
Archdiocese shifts agenda of meeting

February 28, 2002
Priests joining to discuss their church's future

February 25, 2002
Not much change in bishops' policies
Bishop asks parents to look for abuse

February 24, 2002
Church cloaked in culture of silence

February 20, 2002
Bishop writes of 'sorrow' over abuse

February 14, 2002
Law's attorney faces some high-profile cases

February 10, 2002
Reardon was suspected before arrest

February 2, 2002
Clergy task force picks its chairman

February 1, 2002
Medical deans to address clergy on sexual abuse
Churches say clergy bill is too lenient

January 25, 2002
Diocese will report ex-priests

January 23, 2002
Cardinal mandates 30 percent budget cuts

January 10, 2002
Actions follow an established course

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