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2014 update

Crux, a Catholic news site

A new site from the Boston Globe includes news updates on clergy abuse and other Catholic issues.
 Latest coverage

April 23
Editorial: Room for BC

March 6
Op-Ed: Give laity role in church
Op-Ed: ...but they have one

February 28, 2004
Editorial: Toll of church abuse

January 9, 2004
Editorial: Keeping faith

December 29
Editorial: When churches close

December 14
Essay: A new passing

December 6
Editorial: A humbler church

November 4
Vennochi: The blame game

September 27
Op-Ed: O'Malley needs support

September 22
Walker: Children must be first

September 10
Editorial: Serious settlement

September 7
McNamara: A back-page death

September 5
McGrory: Gov. can do better

August 29
Op-Ed: Geoghan's 'innocence'

August 25
Editorial: One more victim

August 12
Editorial: O'Malley's gesture

Earlier stories

Spotlight Report

Following is a list of older opinion pieces on the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church. More recent pieces are listed in the column to the left.

August 3
Editorial: Archbishop's actions

August 1
Lehigh: Regaining the trust

July 30
McNamara: An old viewpoint
Editorial: A new direction

July 28
Walker: My advice for O'Malley

July 24
Walker: No charges; lots to fault
Editorial: A church chastised

July 23
McNamara: AG not to blame

July 22
Op-Ed: A need to make peace

July 10
Vennochi: Is change enough?
Walker: Another O'Malley job

July 2
McNamara: Legacy of love
Editorial: Boston's new bishop
Editorial: Rebuilding the church

July 1
McGrory: A time for boldness

June 28
Op-Ed: Questions for bishops

June 20
Dionne Jr: After Keating's exit

June 16
Editorial: A choice for bishops

May 31
Editorial: Monitors in church

May 16
Editorial: Priest achievements

April 15
Vennochi: Church won't listen

April 9
McNamara: Tactics suit guilty

April 2
Editorial: Loss for archdiocese

March 9
McNamara: Changed Catholic

January 26, 2003
McNamara: A matter of choice

January 15, 2003
McNamara: Fault not only Law's
December 25
McNamara: Spirit of Christmas

December 22
McNamara: A rift widens
Op-Ed: Law's Cuban 'miracle'

December 20
McGrory: Church's kinder face

December 19
Walker: Advice from a victim
Editorial: Bishop Lennon's role
Op-Ed: Restoring harmony

December 18
McNamara: Cardinal's silence

December 17
Carroll: Sadness of a Catholic
Op-Ed: Foundation for change

December 16
Walker: Skepticism and prayer

December 15
McNamara: Facing new reality
Vennochi: A painful journey

December 14
Editorial: Cardinal's departure
Op-Ed: Law captain of his fall

December 13
McGrory: Let faith take course
Op-Ed: Advent and the cardinal

December 11
McNamara: Power of hindsight

December 10
Op-Ed: Affirming gay priests

December 8
McNamara: Priest fits the mold
Goodman: A new chapter in tale

December 6
Jackson: Bankrupt leadership

December 5
Walker: No excuses for Law
Editorial: Cardinal's duty

December 3
Editorial: A bankrupt church?

November 27
McNamara: Wrong sympathy

November 24
McNamara: Awaiting answers

November 20
Laity must take action to reform

November 13
McNamara: A higher authority
Editorial: The bishops' quandry

November 12
Vennochi: Time to choose
Carroll: Woman for our season

November 6
McNamara: The big picture

November 5
Vennochi: Cardinal's new leaf

October 22
Carroll: Defining 'bad Catholic'

October 19
Editorial: Vatican intervention

October 18
US Catholics need answers

October 6
McNamara: Reviewing lessons English: Bring democracy

October 4
Editorial: Catholic helping hand

September 24
Carroll: Escalator of change

September 23
Walker: Victimizing the victims

September 6
Lay group is not the church

September 4
Editorial: A false accusation

August 29
The faithful have to speak out

August 17
Editorial: The Cardinal's oath

August 16
McGrory: Just name your price

August 14
McNamara: Behind the curve

August 13
Vennocchi: Sinner vs. Sinner
Carroll: Church, foreign policy

August 10
Editorial: Church standards

August 8
Cardinal Law's $10m mistake

July 25
Editorial: The Cardinal's rebuff

July 24
McNamara: Politics of giving

July 16
Carroll: Let church reform begin

June 25
Vennochi: Still a churchwoman

June 23
McNamara: Suffer the children

June 19
Lehigh: BC leading the way

June 18
Dionne Jr.: Credibility gap

June 17
Unraveling myths about abuse

June 16
McNamara: Raping girls less evil?
Editorial: Partial response

June 14
Editorial: Restoring trust

June 11
Carroll: Letter to bishops
Dionne Jr.: Bishops can teach

June 8
Op-Ed: Uphill battle for reform

June 6
Vennochi: Lack of credibility

June 5
Editorial: An answer to abuse

June 4
Carroll: Reading for reform

May 29
McNamara: Catholic alternative

May 26
McNamara: Playing favorites

May 21
Editorial: Law's responsibility

May 20
Walker: Talking sense

May 19
Focus: Celibacy, women's ordination should be considered May 14
McGrory: Losing the last word
Carroll: Democracy in church

May 12
Oliphant: Not Law, but Law-ism

May 8
McNamara: Broken faith

May 6
Walker: Still out of touch

May 5
McNamara: Prelate's pretense

May 4
Neary: Church cleanses itself

May 3
Editorial: Bringing Shanley back

May 2
Beam: The Vatican's hubris

May 1
McNamara: No deference

April 29
Ombudsman: Is Globe biased?

April 28
Focus: Prevalence of male teenage victims in scandal points to other issues
McNamara: Troubles on step

April 27
McGrory: Church not penitent

April 25
Goodman: The celibacy issue
Editorial: The Vatican's voice

April 24
McNamara: A false issue
Lehigh: A changing of the guard
Bennett: Cardinal Law must go

April 22
Vennochi: Shifting the blame

April 22
Walker: Pope must take action
Young: False accusations
Editorial: Power to the laity

April 18
Jacoby: Criminal priests
Carroll: Boston's dinosaurs

April 17
McNamara: Rome not enough
Leahy: Gift of the priesthood
Carroll: Musts for cardinals

April 16
McGrory: A costly crisis
Editorial: The Vatican's role

April 15
Editorial: A balance on abuse

April 14
McNamara: Reclaiming church

April 13
Editorial: Law's choice

April 12
Lehigh: Healing the church

April 11
Vennochi: Facing questions
A forum for priests to reflect

April 10
Editorial: Losing faith in Law
Jackson: Law and disorder
McNamara: Obvious question

April 9
Editorial: A church betrayed
McGrory: Cardinal must go
Carroll: Celibacy to godliness

March 28
Op-Ed: Day of reflection for priests

March 27
McNamara: A troubling accusation

March 24
McNamara: They ignore the future

March 22
Editorial: The Pope's response

March 19
Op-Ed: Church can't heal with Law at the helm

March 18
Editorial: Catholic soul-searching

March 16
Op-Ed: Church and state's shared responsibility

March 13
Editorial: Antidote to abuse
McNamara: A nun's call for inclusion

March 12
Vennochi: An overeager clergy watchdog

March 11
Editorial: Bishops' challenge

March 10
Focus: Church's wound stays unhealed
Goodman: Powerful secrets cast dark shadows

March 8
Editorial: A bill against abuse

March 7
Walker: Facing up to trouble

March 6
Op-Ed: Sacrifice and celibacy

February 27
McNamara: Courts must end secrecy
Editorial: In the name of the victims

February 26
Carroll: Meltdown in the Catholic Church

February 24
McNamara: A justified sentence?

February 21
Vennochi: The boys can't fix this one for Cardinal Law
Editorial: The cardinal's test

February 13
Jackson: Archdiocese adds up as big business

February 12
Carroll: A human, humiliated church

February 10
English: Coping with the unexplainable

February 3
Goodman: Selling out the faithful
Bane: A challenge to lay Catholics
Focus: How many? How long?
Focus: Vatican stays detached

February 1
Bailey: Protecting the guilty
Jackson: Left to prey

January 29
Vennochi: Archbishop in name only

January 27
McNamara: Church ills run deep

January 25
McGrory: The apologies aren't enough
Editorial: Cardinal Law's response
Jackson: The kindest regards for an errant priest

January 22
Carroll: People of the church must take it back

January 18
Jackson: Why won't Law back disclosing past sex abuse?

January 16
Jackson: Law should resign

January 10
Adrian Walker: The cardinal as penitent
Editorial: Zero tolerance on abuse

January 9
Editorial: Shepherd and flock

January 8
Carroll: Victims victimized twice

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