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 Latest coverage

March 23
Law's words frame new play

March 2
Wary Catholics return to church

January 25, 2004
Churches report attendance up

January 4, 2004
Dot parish struggles to survive

December 28
Hudson fill-in priest welcomed

December 12
Law prays daily for diocese

November 22
Assignment for Law expected

November 20
Policies on VOTF reconsidered

September 19
Crisis issues in church's future

September 18
Meeting ban at parish is lifted

August 4
O'Malley given warm welcome

August 1
Lawmakers see shades of gray

July 31
An angry protest, and prayers
Voices of protest and support
Three in crowd bound in hope
At BC, optimistic students watch

July 29
Lay group to engage O'Malley

July 24
Many outraged after AG's report

July 21
Law to skip bishop installation

July 18
O'Malley invites Law, victims

July 11
Bishops seek private opinions

Earlier stories

Spotlight Report

Following is a list of older stories on Cardinal Bernard Law and Catholics' reaction to the sexual abuse scandal. More recent stories are listed in the column to the left.

July 7
Many find hope in new bishop

July 2
Positive impression of bishop
In Palm Beach, a sense of loss
Fall River has warm memories

July 1
Fla. bishop likely new leader

June 30
Protesters push for settlement

June 28
Lennon criticized over closing

June 23
Laity heading more colleges

June 21
Law retains role in church

June 8
Voice of Faithful sets agenda

May 31
Gays hit stance on marriage

May 25
Church insiders feel left out

May 10
Parents: Curriculum is explicit

May 3
Group sees N.Y. win as boost

April 21
Colleges examine abuse crisis

April 18
Lennon renews vow for healing

April 13
Year on, Voice faces new tests

April 9
Charity to take Voice donation

April 2
Charities weighs accepting gift

March 12
Bishop won't lift ban on group

March 10
Cathedral hosts rite for 600

March 8
Priests against Law attacked

March 6
Bishop calls Lent 'healing' time

February 26
Law testifies before grand jury

February 20
Law on private retreat in Pa.

February 12
Pickets assail counselor note

February 3
Man is arrested outside church

January 27, 2003
Protesters target N.H. bishop

January 18, 2003
Lay panel plans church review

January 10, 2003
Law met with accused priests
Group presses to meet Lennon

December 25
Vietnamese praise Law

December 23
Law protesters eye N.H.

December 22
Cardinal was not accountable

December 21
Lawyer wants more testimony

December 19
Lennon soothes some critics
'84 letters show fear of scandal

December 17
Law plans life outside Boston
A Canton parish begins to heal

December 16
Protesters vow to keep it up

December 15
Law talks of uncertain future
Lay groups reassessing roles
Seven who made a difference
Law's admirers defend him

December 14
Law resigns as archbishop
Scandal eclipses a long record
In Law's final days, a firestorm
Law's admission was damning
Catholics are hoping for rebirth
Many Latinos find forgiveness
Ch. 4 alone in cutting coverage

December 13
Law discusses future with pope
More resignations not seen
On TV, story grows, recedes

December 12
Group to seek cardinal's ouster

December 11
Cardinal to confer with pope
Cardinal quits university post

December 10
Law and Vatican weigh scandal

December 9
Law goes to Vatican for advice
Newton priest receives ovation
Text of group's Law resolution

December 5
Law imposes curb on parish

December 1
Prayers for a banished priest

November 27
Law seeks answers from group

November 26
Cardinal Law, lay group to meet

November 25
Parish welcomes monsignor
Cardinal prays with Muslims

November 24
Tougher sex abuse laws urged

November 17
Lay group wants unity, respect

November 13
Law leads discussion on Iraq

November 10
Young Catholics are hopeful

November 4
Cardinal begs for forgiveness

November 3
Cardinal Law back in public eye

November 2
Everett church vandalized

October 30
Law begs victims' forgiveness

October 21
Law said to soften his stance

October 21
Church protest groups clash

October 16
Group offers funds on condition

October 13
Churches vote to back role of laity

October 7
Cardinal praised for role at rally

October 4
Group fights bishop on banning

September 29
Keating seeks to reform church

September 23
Protesters organize at church

September 5
Law's lawyer rolls with punches

August 23
Taxpayers pay to protect Law
Cardinal takes trip to Cuba

August 21
Lay group responds to critics

August 17
Push is on to quell 'Voice'

August 15
Law: Alleged abuse 'personal'
Excerpts from Nash letter

August 11
Parishioners want priest back
Sharon launches Voice chapter

August 8
Appeal inspires new chapter

August 3
Law notes regret on wording

August 2
Lay group eyes $1m goal

July 29
Law finds 'oasis' among young
Mixed reaction to pope's words

July 27
Law affirms church doctrine

July 26
The young hail pope in Toronto
Charity group shifts on funds

July 24
Agency to accept group's funds
Law, teens travel to conference
Author reacts to abuse crisis

July 23
Law rejects group's donations

July 22
Law: Crisis not meeting's focus

July 21
Laity issues call for change
Small group has big goals

July 20
Lay group to rate bishops

July 19
Law said deal wasn't final

July 18
Future of their faith

July 17
Reform groups at a crossroads
Priest seeks to empower laity

July 16
Canton parish pulls together

July 15
Judges advise Law on scandal

July 11
Depositions to resume

June 30
Group starts Hingham chapter

June 22
Scalia questions bishops

June 20
Law indictment unlikely

June 19
Case against Law weighed

June 18
Hard for Law to regain stature
Law took private plane
Bishops can't sway critics

June 16
Lay leader vows justice
Reaction to measures mixed
Law will face many skeptics
Start the healing with change

June 15
Law: Pain brought passage
Release of tapes delayed

June 14
Meeting draws media, protest

June 13
Suit accuses Law of inaction
Lay groups find a forum

June 12
La. region stung by scandal

June 11
Law's credibility at issue
Judge withdraws from case

June 10
A rousing send-off for Law

June 9
Western suburbs desire change

June 8
Law has abuse policy draft
Transcript release delayed

June 7
Experts: Law shunned advice
Judges differ on testimony

June 6
Law's role in '70s case probed

June 5
Law's defense was ignorance

June 3
At Mass, Law mum on abuse

June 1
Lawyers warned by judge

May 30
Records: Law moved Paquin

May 28
Tension between Law, BC

May 26
Parishes feel scandal's effects
Parishioners protest removal
Law ordains several priests

May 24
Group told to work with Law

May 21
Law explanation finds skeptics

May 20
Law distances self on Shanley

May 19
Law seeks peace in homily

May 18
Law promoted alleged abuser
Law declines honorary degree
BC looks to church's future

May 17
Judge blasts transcript release

May 16
BC puts abuse on agenda
Law gets honorary degree
64% want Law to step down

May 15
Law recommended fired dean

May 12
Scandal erodes deference

May 11
Cardinal questioned for 2d day

May 10
Canon law of little weight
Delegation of duty called faulty
Law calls for a novena

May 9
Law recalls little on abuse case
Common-man treatment
Instant access to testimony
Titular parish barely touched
Profile of Law's attorney

May 7
Judge orders Law questioning

May 6
Law: council 'refused' request

May 5
College wrestles with scandal
Some say 'no' to Law appeal

May 4
Church restructuring urged

May 1
Catholics drawn to lay group

April 29
Law faults alleged abuse victim
Law makes pitch for funds

April 27
Law tries to curb lay organizing
Church rebuts report on Law

April 26
Bishops said to discuss Law

April 24
Disagreement over solutions
Law alone and apologetic
Praise, criticism of Pope
Details emerge on Rome trip

April 23
Law's future on minds
Pastor calls for Law to resign

April 22
Law offers steps against abuse
Supporters counter protests

April 20
Paper urges Law to step down

April 18
Law to give Shanley deposition

April 17
Law discussed resignation
Text of Law's statement
Most Catholics want Law to go

April 15
Worshipers maintain their faith
Polish Catholics suffer a shock

April 14
Scandal darkens Law's career

April 13
Law decides to stay
Law blasted on file-keeping
Text of Law's letter
Stance surprises leaders
Debate goes on for faithful

April 12
Poll: 60% say Law should go
Law undecided on resignation
Bishop won't speak at BC High

April 11
Law called unwelcome at BC

April 10
More calling for Law to resign

April 9
A blow to cardinal's credibility

April 5
Law defendant in abuse suit

April 4
Regis head defends invitation

April 1
Protesters at Easter service

March 30
Protests, prayer on Good Fri.

March 29
Law addresses abuse in Pilot

March 27
Scandal angers conservatives

March 26
Catholic schools keep faith

March 24
Catholic conversions steady

March 19, 2002
Diocese moves fund-raiser

March 18, 2002
Law handled Mo. abuse case

March 14
Herald: Law should step down
Bush expresses his confidence in Law

March 7, 2002
Harvard profs: Law must go

March 5, 2002
Law looks to rebuild public trust
Child advocacy group calls for Law to step down

February 27, 2002
Accused priest's good works, straight talk win support

February 24, 2002
Lowell parishioners frustrated

February 20, 2002
Law seeking counsel from civic leaders

February 18, 2002
Outside cardinal's headquarters, protesters multiply

February 16, 2002
Law discusses abuse cases with clergy

February 14, 2002
Discuss sexual safety, ask questions

February 11, 2002
A resolute Law repeats he won't go

February 10, 2002
Catholics favoring priesthood changes
Children aware, parents say

February 9, 2002
Many are stunned by news
Law has little to say after Rome trip

February 8, 2002
Most Catholics in poll fault Law's performance

February 2, 2002
Law expects talk of cases in Rome visit

January 28, 2002
Cardinal tries to allay parishioners' fear, anger

January 27, 2002
Scandal shakes Catholic laity, theologians

January 25, 2002
'The archdiocese will report retroactively on priest offenders'

January 24, 2002
Law says he won't quit over scandal

January 21, 2002
Catholics welcome new resolve on clergy sex abuse

January 10, 2002
A 'grieving' Law apologizes for assignment of Geoghan
Attorney in lawsuits planning to depose cardinal
'My apology... comes from a grieving heart'
Remarks seen as positive step for church

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