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2014 update

Crux, a Catholic news site

A new site from the Boston Globe includes news updates on clergy abuse and other Catholic issues.
Globe coverage of the scandal has been divided into nine categories:

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Documents are arranged by case, in chronological order. The size of each file is indicated.

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 Rev. John Geoghan case 

Cardinal Medeiros extends Geoghan's sick leave
October 28, 1980  (45k)

Geoghan's reply to Medeiros's October 28 letter
November 2, 1980  (72k)

Psychiatrist tells Bishop Daily that Geoghan is ready to resume priestly duties
January 13, 1981  (48k)

Bishop Daily's reply to doctor, thanking him for his assistance
January 26, 1981  (38k)

Geoghan writes to Bishop Daily about his appointment to St. Brendan Parish
March 21, 1981  (48k)

Margaret Gallant writes that her complaints against Geoghan have been ignored
August 16, 1982  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Law's reply to Gallant, saying that her claim is under investigation
September 21, 1984  (34k)

Cardinal Law removes Geoghan from St. Brendan's parish in Dorchester
September 18, 1984  (20k)

Doctor says Geoghan is ready to resume his ministry after dismissal from St. Brendan's
October 20, 1984  (46k)

Cardinal Law meets with Geoghan's uncle, Monsignor Mark H. Keohane
October 29, 1984  (10k)

Cardinal Law reassigns Geoghan to St. Julia's parish in Weston
October 31, 1984  (10k)

Bishop D'Arcy protests Geoghan's assignment to St. Julia's
December 7, 1984  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Law appoints Geoghan vicar at St. Julia's
November 13, 1989  (64k)

Geoghan asks Cardinal Law for appointment as pastor at St. Julia's
June 29, 1990  (43k)

Cardinal Law acknowledges Geoghan's request for appointment at St. Julia's
August 13, 1990  (36k)

Geoghan writes to Cardinal Law, again asking to be named pastor at St. Julia's
March 6, 1992  (30k)

Church official informs Geoghan he has not received his requested appointment at St. Julia
May 19, 1992  (44k)

Cardinal Law places Geoghan on administrative leave
December 30, 1994  (91k)

Geoghan denies abuse allegations and refuses to resign post at Office for Senior Priests
November 17, 1995  (57k)

Cardinal Law places Geoghan on sick leave
August 4, 1996  (45k)

Geoghan writes to Cardinal Law to request retirement
October 19, 1996  (31k)

Cardinal Law grants Geoghan retirement
December 12, 1996  (99k)

Church memorandum notes Geoghan's dismissal from priesthood
May 8, 1998  (21k)

Statement of case against Geoghan filed by Middlesex County district attorney
November 22, 1999  (Multiple pages)

Indictment against Geoghan filed by Middlesex County district attorney
December 9, 1999  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Law is deposed at Suffolk Superior Court regarding his handling of Geoghan
May 8, 2002  (Multiple pages)

 Rev. Paul Shanley case 

Account of speech delivered by Shanley in which he discussed homosexuality
October 4, 1977  (Multiple pages)

Shanley is quoted in a gay magazine speaking positively about man-boy love
February 1979  (73k)

Cardinal Medeiros calls Shanley a 'troubled priest' in a lengthy letter to the Vatican
February 12, 1979  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Medeiros appoints Shanley associate pastor at St. John the Evangelist Parish
April 12, 1979  (58k)

Priest recommends Shanley be provided room and board while on sick leave in Calif.
January 16, 1990  (55k)

Shanley writes to a Boston church official, asking to be granted retirement
March 14, 1991  (62k)

Rev. McCormack calls Shanley 'a sick person' in a letter to Bishop Hughes
December 9, 1991  (52k)

Cardinal Law grants Shanley senior priest retirement status
February 29, 1996  (57k)

Cardinal Law writes to Cardinal O'Connor regarding a possible Shanley appointment
June 12, 1997  (48k)

Cardinal Law is informed that Shanley's application has been rejected
June 18, 1997  (39k)

A church official informs Shanley that some of the restrictions on him have been lifted
September 6, 1997  (58k)

Cardinal Law is deposed regarding his handling of Shanley
June 5 and 7, 2002  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Law apologizes to San Bernardino bishop for transfer of Shanley
June 19, 2002  (2k)

 Rev. Ronald Paquin case 

Cardinal Law assigns Paquin as a hospital chaplain despite complaints against him
July 11, 1998  (50k)

Cardinal Law removes Paquin from the chaplain post after more allegations surface
November 3, 2000  (42k)

Cardinal Law writes to the Vatican to request Paquin be defrocked
December 27, 2000  (56k)

 Correspondence from Cardinal Law 

Cardinal Law ends Rev. Robert Morrissette's appointment at Saint Joseph Parish in Salem
December 13, 1984  (46k)

Cardinal Law announces Rev. Thomas Forry's appointment as an Army chaplain
March 28, 1988  (67k)

Cardinal Law ends Rev. Robert Burns's appointment at Saint Mary Parish in Charlestown
April 16, 1991  (50k)

Cardinal Law writes to Rev. Daniel Graham to discuss abuse allegations against Graham
February 9, 1996  (151k)

Cardinal Law writes to Rev. Robert Meffan upon Meffan's retirement from the priesthood
June 17, 1996  (56k)

Cardinal Law writes to Rev. Peter Frost, placing him on 'unassigned' status
April 12, 1999  (57k)

Cardinal Law's open letter to the Archdiocese of Boston
January 29, 2002  (9k)

Cardinal Law's letter to all priests regarding abuse scandal
April 12, 2002  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Law's 2002 Appeal, soliciting donations for the church
June, 2002  (52k)

 Other clergy abuse cases 

Parent reports allegations against Rev. Eugene O'Sullivan to Cardinal Cushing
1964  (198k)

Notes from a meeting to discuss abuse allegations against Rev. Joseph Birmingham
November 4, 1964  (169k)

Priest writes to the church about rumors concerning Rev. Joseph Birmingham
January 17, 1970  (Multiple pages)

Attorney Roderick MacLeish Jr. outlines abuse allegations against eight priests
September 27, 1993  (Multiple pages)

Lawyer for alleged abuse victim discusses case against Rev. Richard Buntel
August 4, 1994  (Multiple pages)

 Church policies 

Charter for the Protection of Young People, adopted at bishops' conference in Dallas
June 14, 2002  (24k)

 Legal documents and court filings 

Connecticut judge criticizes the withholding of documents by the Bridgeport Diocese
June 12, 2002  (21k)

 Depositions of church leaders 

Bishop Daily deposed in Shanley cases
August 21-22, 2002  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Law deposed in Geoghan cases
May 8, 2002  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Law deposed in Shanley cases
June 5-7, 2002  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Law deposed in Shanley cases
August 13, 2002  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Law deposed in Shanley cases
August 14, 2002  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Law deposed in Shanley cases
October 11, 2002  (Multiple pages)

Cardinal Law deposed in Shanley cases
October 16, 2002  (Multiple pages)

 New Hampshire attorney general's investigation 

Excerpts from report on Rev. Paul Aube
March 3, 2003  (Multiple pages)

Excerpts from report on Rev. Gerald R. Chalifour
March 3, 2003  (Multiple pages)

Excerpts from report on Rev. Gordon MacRae
March 3, 2003  (Multiple pages)

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