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Spotlight Report

O'Malley named new Boston archbishop

What is your reaction to the appointment of Bishop Sean O'Malley, former leader of the Fall River diocese and current head of the Palm Beach, Fla., diocese, as archbishop of Boston? Will his leadership bring healing to the church, or are further steps needed? Share your thoughts.

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It doesn't matter what O'Malley can or cannot do if the Vatican continues its aloof and indifferent stance on the abuse scandal, and many other pressing issues, such as third-world population, and contraception. Apologies from the Pope are all well and good, and undoubtedly sincere, but he needs to sweep his own back yard first if he wants to restore some credibility to the Catholic Church.

MG, Dedham

The best person for the job. The laity and clergy should rejoice. He will heal and revitalize the church in Boston. Our prayers are with him

Domenic, kingston MA

A very good man is O'Malley. Of course the anti Catholic bigots will never be satisfied.

David , Upperville Va

There is no true way to tell if any of these religious figures are taking advantage of their position or not. I think that the public should keep a watchful eye on anyone they don't know well in the church (and those they think they do) to make sure they aren't doing anything they shouldn't be doing.

J M, Allston

If the Roman Catholic Church is to truly help its members to be better Christians so as to lead more fully human lives, then the Archdioces of Boston finally has the MAN who will lead by example: wholly intelligent and intelligently holy!

Maria , Hobe Sound, Florida

I know Archbishop elect Sean O'Malley personally. I have personally witnessed his compassion, humility, and intelligence. He will be a gift to the Archdiocese of Boston and will do well to promote healing. Archbishop elect O'Malley is a Capuchin Friar and because of this he shares in the special Capuchin historical charism to seek ways to edify and serve the Church. In my opinion, Archbishop-elect is a wise choice for the new position.

Bill, Pittsburgh, PA

The people of Palm Beach certainly deserve better treatment from Rome. O'Malley is their bishop for less than one year, following two consecutive bishops (Simons and O'Connell) who had to resign due to personal scandals. The faithful have no input into who their bishop will be. Wasn't always that way; local churches selected their bishops in the early Church. The current distant process, coupled with lifetime appointments, has resulted in many poor appointments. My prayers are with both the faithful of Palm Beach, who once again have no permanent bishop, and Boston, who have so much unresolved from the ongoing crisis.

Nick , Harrisburg, PA

I have little hope that Bishop O'Malley will be any different from the past leadership we've had here in Boston. They are all cut from the same cloth and to expect this new bishop to demonstrate bold leadership is unrealistic. Remember, he takes his marching orders from Rome.

Bob , Wakefield

Archbishop of Boston, Job Number 98 that I would never want. Godspeed!

Bill, Boston

This is a blessing to have Bishop O'Malley come here to Boston to help with healing and bring the catholic community back together. We can only go forward from here. It's unfortuate that he has a long road ahead of healing but I believe he is the right choice. God Bless Bishop O'Malley.

Anita, Medford

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