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Your thoughts on Cardinal Law and the abuse scandal

Some have suggested that Cardinal Bernard Law should resign for his failure to remove former priest John Geoghan from contact with children years ago, when Law first learned of allegations that Geoghan was abusing boys. The cardinal has apologized for his inaction, but said he will not resign. We asked users if they are satisfied with what Cardinal Law has said and done in the matter thus far, and if he should resign.

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Page 9

I am a Roman Catholic and I am deeply disturbed by Cardinal Law's actions. I have lost a great respect for him and believe him to be an accomplice in the crimes and should be prosecuted as such.
JFM, Lexington

Cardinal Law is above the Law??????? He is a co-conspirator to these crimes but as usual "he will walk" like anyone in position of power does in this country, we do not have equal justice in America, it's who you know and how much do you have that determines the outcome. I'm thouroughly disgusted, with our system.
Pat, Allston

He should resign at once!Cardinal Law's actions are as despicable as the priests he was protecting.
Barbara, Revere

Ah Yes once again the Catholic church is covering up One of the small little things in there vast secrets and flasehoods
Thinking, Boston

I think this situation has gone way too far to say Just I'm sorry. I feel Cardinal Law is way out of his element in this situation. Priests being of the human race, in which some go into the priesthood to hide from the rest of society and hope they will not be caught and get protection by other religious. I feel that is what Cardinal Law has done .Protected a crimianl. I'm sorry just doesn't cut it. I feel Cardinal Law should resign from his postion. He needs to acknoledge his part in this situation of keeping QUIET.
Carol, Somerset

I think Cardinal Law should resign his post in memory of the victims of this church suppported cover up. I am a long standing Irish Catholic who went to parochial schools and Catholic college. I am ashamed of my church and its leadership. I feel that the Cardinal is insincere in his apologies and is looking to put the best spin he can on a terrible situation of his creation. The Cardinal is right now trying to put together a huge capital campaign to aid the diocese in all its charitable programs. How dare he ask the Boston catholic community to support his works, when he himself shows such blatant disregard for the personal safety of the community and the criminal laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!
Elizabeth, Wakefield

Cardinal Bernard Law is a very good man trying to deal with an extremely difficult issue. I think he's doing an admirable job under the circumstances. Has he made mistakes? Certainly, but he'll be the first to admit he's not perfect. I honestly believe that he never, ever did anything he believed would harm a child. The "critics" who would call for his resignation seem to be confusing his position with that of a government worker. Bernard Law did not campaign to get where he is today. He earned it with a history of good work for the church. Thankfully, the Catholic Church does not replace it's leaders because of flare-ups in public opinion. Finally, I'm sure the self-righteous critics out there are probably living exemplary lives. But just in case, they may want to look up a little biblical passage about the sancity of those casting stones....
Joe, Arlington

I think the Cardinal committed a sin by not revealing that this priest has had a history of child abuse. How many more coverups are we going to find out about now that the church has opened its books? Moving a priest around is not going to solve the problem instead the Cardinal spread it out. If this were politics the person in charge would be asked to step down. Well I think the Cardinal should do the same. I hope he does not drag this out. It will make it worse on the victims as well as the Catholic church. Feathers might be ruffled as far as the Vatican. Mr. Cardinal you have broken the "law".
Pat, Revere

It is an atrocity that this so called Cardinal Law would allow this monster to continue destroying little boys lives. He should be ashamed and should resign if he had any dignity, remorse and respect for the victims. The Archdiocese of Boston itself should be held responsible as accomplices and liable for the crimes committed. How can these sick individuals be above the law?
J.B., Cambridge

He should be fired.
Susan, Waltham

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