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Your thoughts on Cardinal Law and the abuse scandal

Some have suggested that Cardinal Bernard Law should resign for his failure to remove former priest John Geoghan from contact with children years ago, when Law first learned of allegations that Geoghan was abusing boys. The cardinal has apologized for his inaction, but said he will not resign. We asked users if they are satisfied with what Cardinal Law has said and done in the matter thus far, and if he should resign.

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Law should act like the leader he would have us believe he is; take responsibility for this horrific violation of trust. Resign and repent.
John, Gloucester

The Catholic church overall just continues to be further out of touch, not just insulting to women, but now a disgrace to men and children. I don't know how any self respecting person could attend, let alone throw money into their coffers. I think the good and pious people of New England should consider their religous options and look into locating a truly caring religion/ church. I know I'll never step foot into a Catholic church again and I'll do my best to convince my family and friends.
Bob, Exeter

I feel that Cardinal Law should be forced to resign. This behavior of pedophile priests has gone on for too long and always covered up.We can not risk ruining the lives of innocent children any longer. We need a stronger leadership. I used to have a great deal of respect for Cardinal Law, however, in light of all that has happened recently with Mr. Geoghan and Chrisopher Reardon We have to speak out to put a stop to this behavior.
C.C., West Palm Beach, Fla.

After reading the details of this horror and specifically the long term acceptance and support for the perverts by the cardinal, I wonder if many of the clergy are also molesting boys and girls. Where is their outrage and concern and compassion for the children?! It seems their primary compassion is for their own perverted priests. I can no longer support or attend the Catholic Church.
Bill, Everett

Is this guy kidding or what? When do we start calling him the criminal that he is? We're not talking about stealing money either; this is stealing the lives of the people he was supposed to protect (you know, that whole thing about the "flock"). He aided a criminal, pure and simple. In fact, I wonder if there isn't something particularly sick about Law himself, as if he sympathized more with the victimizer than the victims. Perhaps this was his way of repressing his own sickness? The evidence is disgraceful.
Michael, Dorchester

It is with great hesitation that I write this. We are so deeply torn by the sexual abuse cases before us. I think that a most meaningful gesture could be your choice to resign, in the face of all the human and spiritual hurt caused by your decisions and oversights, and retire to a life of prayer for the healing of your people. This unique action could rally us anew, and perhaphs bring donations forward to restore services which have had to be cut - the debts incurred by law suit settlements
Mary, E. Bridgewater

I think his actions and or lack thereof are absolutely disgusting and he should resign immediately. If anyone has any inclination that someone within their company is abusing children they should report it immediately to the authorities and remove them from the position they hold. Cardinal Bernard Law is a disgrace to the Church and no excuses should be tolerated when it comes to Priest's abusing children.
Vicky, Scituate

Cardinal Law should not resign. A new face will not solve this problem. Cardinal Law has pledged to stay the course and solve this problem, and I believe that he will assemble the resources to do so. What those resources will be I have not a clue, however I am willing to give him the opportunity. If any person, including Joe Bergantino, thinks he has the solution to this problem, please step up to the plate.
Terrence, Walpole

The fact that he was aware of the situation over the years makes the problem ultimately his responsibility. I think he should resign and accept that responsibility. I also think that the issue of cleric celibacy should be addressed. It just is not natural and I believe it is part of the problem: the issue of repressed sexual feelings. It's natural and should not be an issue for clerics to repress.
Steve, Newton

I am writing to express full support of Cardinal Law and the course of action he has chosen. He should MOST DEFINITELY not resign. God bless you, Cardinal Law. We are praying for you!
Susan, Pickerington, Ohio

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