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Your thoughts on the priest sexual abuse scandal

The priest sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church has been unfolding for 3 months now, not just locally, but also nationally and overseas. We'd like to hear your thoughts on what steps the church should take to address the problem. What can rank-and-file Catholics do? How can church officials regain the trust of the faithful?

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The Catholic Church has survived through 2000 or stress and turmoil and, while being a vessel of so much good to so many billions of people over its existance, it has also taken part -- or failed to act in the face of horrendous actions -- many times. The Church will survive, but in order for it to move forward, it must admit and begin to heal over this sexual abuse of children issue. And the beginning of that healing must begin with Cardinal Law's resignation, since he has shown no leadership in this issue -- obviously from the very first day of his tenure as Cardinal in Boston.

Stephen Craine, Boston, MA

I think we should remember who the Catholic church belongs to. It's not the priests' church, or Cardinal Law's church, or even the pope's church. It's Christ church given to the people to bring them to the Father. We should look to the Bible, because that is where answeres are. Jesus spoke about this exact thing 2000 years ago. He said, "It would be better for anyone who leads astray one of these little ones who believe in me, to be drowned by a millstone around his neck, in the depths of the sea. What terrible things will come on the world through scandal." (Matthew 18:6-7) I believe Jesus is kicking down the doors, passing out millstones, and taking His Church back from these "Pharisees" who say they believe in God, but commit the most vile acts for their own satisfaction and glorification. Jesus will take back His Church. The people who love Him and His Church need to spare no effort to see that it's done. I am so troubled to see how priests who know about God and Jesus and what they stand for can be so evil. I ask myself what is wrong with the Catholic church that the devil can be so deeply entrenched? How did their hearts go so far astray? Cardinal Law worships his public relations team and his lawyers to keep his self-glorification alive. The foul, molesting priests worship--well, we know what they worship. My prayer is that new leaders who worship "God First" in their hearts will be selected to bring the Church out this pit. His "Rock" will prevail. To Cardinal Law: Read Jeremiah 14:20-27. This is your legacy. Change your heart. To the Boston Globe: Thank you for this opportunity to express myself. JESUS IS WORKING THROUGH YOU TO RECLAIM HIS CHURCH. Ellie Alderfer, formerly of Goffstown NH, UNH '84.

Ellie Alderfer, Reading PA

The Catholic bishops need to meet immediately and televise their meeting. They need to allow an independent person to chair the meeting so that they actually write a verifiable action plan for dealing with this problem in every diocese and religious order.

Fr. McGuirk, Delmont, Pa.

Step one: FIRE Cardinal Law and all others involved in these coverups. Immediately stop all checks being paid out to these predator priests, unless Law wants to support them out of his own pocket. Trust? Not even a thousand apologies by Law and others involved in the coverups would prompt me to trust them again. A thorough "house cleaning" is needed here. Can't you start a petition to oust Cardinal Law and his cronies?

Cheryl, Lynn

catholics should stop going to church. the church has passed the point of regaining any sense of trust. so thats a moot question! now its time for criminal and civil law to stop fooling around and STEP IN AND BRING CHARGES!

been there

I'm thinking maybe a jihad on molesters...definitely...

NHmojo, NH

The Catholic Church needs to step up to the plate and take action. As an organization that preaches repentance, it is time that take heed to their own words. Those who have grossly violated the moral code need to be dealt with accordingly. The Catholic Church as a whole is not uniformly at fault, but the deception caused by high clergy can no longer be tolerated. It is unfortunate that in today's day and age, not even the pillar of a respected religion can acknowledge accountability.

Mike Netto, Falmouth

Show that the Church is not more important than god or the people.

KG, Sudbury

I have left the Catholic Church and currently have no plans to raise my children in the Catholic faith. I personally feel that as a mother I would be putting my children in harms way as long as the church continues under the current officials

Lisa, Billerica

During Easter services, the pope asked that everyone pray for the fallen priests. How typical that the church hierarchy would ask for prayers for the offenders and not for the victims.

DMK, Boston

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