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John Kerry: Candidate in the Making
In June 2003, The Globe published a weeklong examination of the life and record of Senator John F. Kerry, whose political roots in Massachusetts go back to the early 1970s and is now the presumptive Democratic nominee. On April 27, 2004, the Globe published the book "John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography: By the Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best," a greatly expanded version of this in-depth profile, through Public Affairs Books.
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A privileged youth, a taste for risk  Photos
There is a boldness, and brashness, about Kerry that can breed resentment, but it has also served him well in political life.

Heroism, and growing concern about war  Photos
To his crew, Kerry was one of the most daring skippers in the Navy. But he still wrestles with the scenes of death he commanded.

With antiwar role, high visibility Photos
Aides to President Nixon worried that John Kerry was a unique, charismatic leader who could undermine support for the war.

First campaign ends in defeat Photos
By 1972, John F. Kerry was a national figure, but without roots in one place he could call home.

Taking one prize, then a bigger one Photos
In 1982, John F. Kerry found a political landscape as changed as he was by events of the previous 10 years.

With probes, Kerry making his mark Photos
As the Iran-contra scandal unfolded, John Kerry would find an outlet for his prosecutorial skills, his thirst for media attention, and his still-simmering outrage over Vietnam.

At the center of power, seeking the summit Photos
In the Senate, where seniority and decorum still mattered, John F. Kerry was seen as an impatient new breed.

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