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Official Chrysler of Cameroon? Pope stands by convertible 300

Posted by Clifford Atiyeh  March 20, 2009 03:30 PM

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pope-chrysler300-609.jpg(REUTERS/Osservatore Romano)

What's Pope Benedict XVI doing in Cameroon next to - of all possible cars - a fabricated convertible Chrysler 300?

We're not sure if this Chrysler is the latest in a long line of papal vehicles (probably not, as the Vatican prefers Mercedes-Benz) or is the official state Chrysler of Cameroon, but this photo certainly stood out in the long list of wire photos today.

The pope continues his African tour of Cameroon and Angola through Monday. For serious religion coverage, head over to Globe reporter Michael Paulson's blog.

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11 comments so far...
  1. Obama loved his Chrysler 300, Why should the pope be any different! Chrysler Rocks!

    Posted by antonio311 March 20, 09 05:53 PM
  1. The extravagant visit of the pope to the most corrupt country in the world-cameroon demonstrates that even the papacy is a corrupt institution,or at least encouraging corrupt and enpoverished african countries.The cost of the pope,s visit would obviously be covered by the cameroonian tax-payer with their meager incomes.
    Who owns this luxry,eye-catching chrysler,what is the price-tag,and who paid for it?Paul Biya standing side by side with the pope sends a negative message to those who are fighting for real democracy in cameroon...what an unfortunate situation.

    Posted by ekane etape March 20, 09 09:03 PM
  1. Of all possible cars?! Surely you're not suggesting the pontif piggy-back on (in?) a Yaris?!? By the way what car DID you have in mind?

    Posted by djb March 21, 09 09:31 PM
  1. Is the Pope asking some questions to some of these third world countries notorious dictators? If not, then he should ask Mr. Paul Biya how many years he has been in power. Also, how many more does he have to rule? How old is this guy now? I think he is 78 years old if not 80. He promised Cameroonian people on his 78th+2 anniversary that Cameroonian people have 20 more years to enjoy the fruits of his Kingdom. Does this mean he has 20 more years to hold on to power? Well, Madam Chantal likes power to be transferred to her while waiting for her husband "D" day. Pope, thank you for your visit to Cameroon and your willingness to bury Cameroonians in darkness by not confronting the Empire that about to reach its tipping point.

    Posted by Ugire, dickawea March 22, 09 03:23 AM
  1. The 300 is a beautful and classic car. And the price is cheap. I'd bet he'd have one if he drove himself.

    Posted by Andy March 23, 09 09:19 AM
  1. Does it have a HEMI?

    Posted by Happy Jack March 23, 09 12:45 PM
  1. Nice ride!

    Posted by Lee Ekstrom March 23, 09 03:39 PM
  1. Any goat or cow loves where there is green fresh grass and so why should people be overly surprised about the Pope's visit to '' bon payeur'' even at the cost of bread for the cringing and miserable populace, caught in the claptrap of organized religion. Only a few would raise eyebrows, for the majority believe that by some miracle their sins and suffering would washed clean by the visit of the papal see. The relationship between church and state in oppressing the masses has a long history, the inquisition being a glaring signpost. Church and state form part of the tyrannic trinity so no one should wonder why a the vatican lord should visit a land bleeding with suffering. The alliance is sanctified for ever, even though there are sometimes when the two brothers wash their dirty linen in public.

    Posted by charles March 25, 09 11:27 AM
  1. Why all the negativity?
    Just enjoy the beauty of the image, fellas.

    Posted by Godlove March 26, 09 01:21 PM
  1. My million dollar question is why will one of the most holly person on earth choose to dine with one of the most corrupt Government Leader in the world?This unanswerable question lingers in my mind everytime I see the Pope besides Paul Biya.
    But again I understand why. When Jesus was crusify, he had two thieves by his side.I guess this is the only reason that consoles me seeing Paul Biya besides the Pope.May the holly spirit descends down upon Biya and change his mind from clinging unto power forever and ever.
    Probably this is why the Pope went to Cameroon to pray for His Excellency not to run for the next Elections again

    Posted by Divine. Nformi April 2, 09 03:57 PM
  1. For the information of all and sundry ... a Cameroon Air Force plane had earlier been dispatched to Rome to transport the Pope's official vehicles (including the Merceds Benz Popemobile) necessary for his Cameroon trip. The first-ever resident Cameroonian ambassador to the Vatican, Antoine Zanga, had confirmed his personal involvement in this exercise during a CAMEROON TRIBUNE interview. And ... by the way ... a Chrysler 300 pales in significance to Biya's personal fleet of luxury Mercedes Benz 600 convertibles.

    Posted by Mojo April 4, 09 11:59 PM

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