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Labor troubles at Upper Crust

Reporter Jenn Abelson covered complaints from former employees — and a probe by the US Department of Labor — on employment practices at the pizza chain.
Franchisees slice ties with name

Franchisees slice ties with name

Franchise owners have been ending their relationships with Upper Crust's parent company. (4/12/13)

Judge rejects workers' pitch to buy closed pizzerias

Judge Henry J. Boroff denied the motion Thursday, saying it was too late for a new bid since the auction of Upper Crust’s assets took place Dec. 19. (Globe, 1/3/13)

Upper Crust closes most restaurants, leaving 140 employees out of work

Upper Crust closes most restaurants, leaving 140 employees out of work
The Boston-based chain will close permanently unless it gets a cash infusion soon, according to a trustee overseeing its finances.
(Globe, 11/13/12)

Pizza chain declares bankruptcy

Boston-based Upper Crust, which defaulted on its loan to TD Bank in late September, said it owes at least $3.4 million to creditors. (Globe, 10/8/12)

Fault lines under the crust

The Upper Crust pizza chain was, from the start, favored by foodies – and by scores of illegal workers from one Brazilian village. It was a bond that benefited all, until it suddenly didn't. (Globe, 12/5/10)

A driven man, and the chain he made

Jordan Tobins showed up at the grand opening party for Sweet Tomatoes in Newton Centre in 1998, fresh out of college and with no pizza-making skills. That didn’t stop him from trying his hand at it. (Globe, 12/5/10)