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US attorney presents Fernald report to judge

Posted by Martin Finucane March 8, 2007 05:11 PM


Supporters and families of Fernald Development Center residents applauded when a judge walked into a federal courtroom yesterday to hear US Attorney Michael J. Sullivan present his report on a yearlong investigation that recommends that the beleaguered facility remain open, the Globe reports.

Extra chairs and benches to accommodate an overflow crowd were carried into the courtroom, where the mood was jubilant as Sullivan read his findings. The 27-page report, which was released Tuesday said, "Our office has concluded that some residents at Fernald could suffer an adverse impact, either emotionally or physically, if they were forced to move from Fernald."

Sullivan recommended that Fernald remain open to provide services to the "most vulnerable" people in the Commonwealth and that residents be allowed to stay there if they choose. The report gave the state good grades for maintenance of its facilities for the mentally retarded and for its handling of recent transfers from Fernald.

-- Emily Sweeney

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