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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Clueless busdrivers in Waltham


"This week the passengers on the 505 bus were treated to rather clueless new drivers," wrote Mary-Ellen of Waltham in an e-mail we at first found hard to believe. But it's true.

"Last night (Dec. 12) on the 4:10 bus, the driver had no idea how to get to Waltham and back and had to be guided the entire way by kind passengers," she wrote.

Then the driver's directions flew out his open window. Rather than plug on, the driver stopped the bus and chased the wind-blown papers down the street, she wrote.

The following morning, the 8 a.m. 505 express bus out of Waltham "featured a different driver who treated passengers to a free ride if they were 'only going up Moody Street.' "

"I have to say that I resent having to subsidize nonpaying passengers," Mary-Ellen told the Starts and Stops column today. "I could find better uses for the $7 a day I spend to ride the 505 to Boston and back again."

T officials were astounded.

Completely unacceptable," wrote James Folk, the head of bus operations.

-- Mac Daniel

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