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Monday, November 13, 2006

Brandeis honors its namesake -- with a Warhol



To mark the 150th anniversary today of the birth of its namesake, Brandeis University will not read one of the influential opinions written by the revered U.S. Supreme Justice. Nor will the Waltham school trace the impact of Louis D. Brandeis' most famous phrase in his pursuit of open government, that sunlight was the "best disinfectant."

Instead, Brandeis will be remembered by a tribute from an artist better known for cans of Campbell's tomato soup and silkscreen images of Marilyn Monroe's face against turquoise, blue, green, and lemon yellow backgrounds.

The high point of the university's year-long celebration of Brandeis tonight will be a 40-inch by 40-inch acrylic and silkscreen enamel portrait by the avant-garde master, Andy Warhol.

-- Andrew Ryan

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